We care about quality, so we start with solid hardwood.

All our cabinet furniture is made with 100% solid hardwood, all through – that includes backs, bases, and drawers. We use our expertise in hardwood carpentry and design to make modern furniture using classic carpentry techniques. That way, we know our furniture is properly made. We make sure that all the right joints are used in the right places – our furniture is built to last. And we can guarantee you'll never find veneer or chipboard – just solid hardwood.

Designs unique to us start in-house. We take notice of what customers want, and what’s on trend. You’ll always find enduring country styles as well as lighter, modern looks in our collections. Painted ranges feature too, with a smooth painted finish on the top, and always 100% solid hardwood underneath.

Our commitment to quality extends to our sofas and recliners too. When we say a sofa is leather, it means leather all over – including backs and sides. Fabric covers are smooth and durable. We use the best in modern fibre and foam fillings to make sure the backs have a luxurious feel, and the seats are comfy and retain their shape. Many of our sofas have plump free cushions, so they always look great. And hardwood crops up again, as we use it in our sofa frames for strength.

So you can see that quality is built in to our finished furniture – all at prices you wouldn’t expect.