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Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are one of the most useful pieces furniture in the home

For more than 250 years, people have used small tables as places for serving hot drinks or cakes and biscuits. The idea of sitting on comfortable chairs in a relaxed setting whilst drinking tea or coffee became popular with the rise of coffee houses and with the taking of tea in upper class homes. Although these original tables were higher tables, it’s thought that far eastern influences during the 19th century brought the idea of a low table on which food and drink could be placed. The coffee table has been with us ever since, and today’s coffee tables, like so much of our furniture, come in a wide variety of materials, styles and designs.

Quality Coffee Tables

Today, people have coffee tables for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s an alternative to the traditional nest of tables, which are taken out for drinks or when visitors need an additional space to put teacups or plates. The coffee table is a permanent piece of furniture. It is often used to display fruit, candles, magazines etc., and not forgetting the famous “coffee table books” that show off the owners tastes or interests. In today’s market, of course, the coffee table can also be a design statement – the one-piece Perspex coffee table or the glass and chrome coffee table for example. These designs tend to drift in and out of fashion so much that it’s hard to keep up! However, the best quality coffee tables remain those that are crafted from solid hardwood; these coffee tables also transcend fashion and show the owner to have good taste and high standards. Available in traditional and contemporary styles, and designed to fit into any home, a 100% oak coffee table, a mahogany coffee table or a mango coffee table is a real feature in your room.

Why Choose Hardwood Coffee Tables?

You don’t have to compromise when you choose a hardwood coffee table. Whether you’re looking for clean lines or clever storage, you can combine great looks and excellent quality with a coffee table from Oak Furniture Land. A coffee table isn’t just a place to put your coffee cup; it’s a place to have a snack in front of the television, it’s a place to play board games with the family, it’s a place for the perfect decoration at Christmas, or the place to pile birthday presents for the morning. Coffee tables that include baskets or drawers are perfect for storing magazines, coasters, DVDs and gaming equipment or toys and games. A hardwood coffee table can do all these things and still be a beautiful piece of living room furniture in its own right. By contrast, materials such as glass, plastic or chrome coffee tables can be difficult to maintain, are easily damaged or stained and can soon look dated.

Beautiful Coffee Tables from Oak Furniture Land

If you’re looking for the perfect coffee table, look no further than our selection of hardwood living room furniture. We stock a range of coffee tables, in a variety of styles, so you are sure to find the right piece for your home. We don’t just stock living room furniture though; we also have a large range of dining room furniture and bedroom furniture. All of our furniture is exclusive to Oak Furniture Land, crafted from 100% solid hardwood and is naturally finished to bring out the rustic beauty of the wood. Browse and buy online or call our sales team on 0800 440 2254.

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