What’s Your Desk Style?

An objective look at your desk at home can reveal many things. Is it so immaculately clear that people might wonder if you work there at all? Or is it covered in so much paperwork and mess that you can no longer see the surface? Perhaps your creativity spills over with an eye-catching mood board or vintage pieces that show off your love of retro styling?

Your desk can act as a glimpse into your personal style and reveal the traits you didn’t realise were visible all along! Our post today will share what your desk style says about you and how to create a home office desk that fits your personality perfectly.

The Colour Lover

Romsey desk with scroll back chair

Source: Romsey Desk & Scroll Back Chair by Oak Furniture Land

If people describe you as bubbly, positive and affectionate, colourful desk accessories may be the perfect companion to your personality. Consider a space with a neutral base to fend off distraction and accessorise your desk with cheery bright pieces like a vivid vase filled with fresh flowers or fun bright accessories that speak to your joyful disposition.

 The Culture Vulture

Cast iron desk with fluffy chair

Source: Emily Henderson / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

You’ve travelled far and wide to bring back not just memories but the pieces that remind you of the places you’ve been. Great art, fine furniture and stylish accessories create an eclectic look that speaks to your wide and varied interests. Choose statement pieces for your desk space and bring your personality to the fore with quirky lighting and accents that reflect your good design tastes.

 The Glamour Puss

Leopard print white chair with white table

Source: Kimberly Duran / Swoon Worthy

Like a magpie, your office space combines stylish pieces both new and old with a bold spattering of metallic pieces for extra shine. Create a desk space that reflects your love of luxe and feminine style with bright white furniture, gold organisation tools and a little animal print and faux fur for fun. Finish off the look with a vase full of flowers and a stylish candle to engage your senses.

 The Trend Seeker

Wooden desk with large clock and geometric wallpaper

Source: Mantis Light Computer Desk by Oak Furniture Land

You’ve moved to the city because it’s where all the most exciting things happen, and your desk space reflects the same. Stylish pieces with an urban edge create your perfect workspace with crisp black and white details that showcase your Scandi-inspired sensibilities. Soften the look with warm wood and plants for an urban oasis you’ll feel right at home in.

The Modern Minimalist

Desk under the stairs

Source: Adore Magazine / Photo by Annette O’Brien  /  Styling by Alana Langan  /  Interior design by Paola Gredler

If clutter makes you cringe and you seek quiet restful places to work, you may just be the modern minimalist. Of course, that doesn’t mean living with a completely empty desk; only that the pieces you choose hold meaning and function perfectly for your needs. A simple black background will allow your monitor to fade away and the few stylish and thoroughly practical pieces that remain to pop.

 The Casual Creative

White desk with lots of photographs on the wall

Source: A Fabulous Fete

You love a bit of ‘artfully arranged’ clutter and feel most inspired surrounded by the things that get those creative juices flowing. Your desk space should reflect your joy of taking inspiration from all around you with a wall-size mood board alongside items you find visually stimulating – from beautiful florals to luxurious textiles. In this case, more is always most definitely more.

What does your desk say about you? If you are looking for more tips on styling your home office, check out our blog post here.