Small Decor Swaps To Get Summer-Ready

There is something about the passing of seasons that is so inextricably entwined with certain feelings: rebirth, change, a fresh start. And while these associations may show themselves in our day-to-day lives, that desire for a new outlook is just as important when it comes to our interior decor. We all spend a lot of time in our homes, so it’s natural to occasionally grow tired of your current scheme and start to long for an update.

However, wanting a change doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your whole home. Here are some wonderful small decor swaps which will make the spring to summer transition as easy as possible.

Summer-ready bed

Light and airy aegean bedroom

With summer comes hotter climes, and while we may rejoice the sun during the day we often lament it when it comes to bedtime!

One of the main things that exacerbates a hot, sleepless night is having the wrong bedding. Remember to switch to a lighter duvet, and consider having a few layers that you can add or remove as necessary. A throw or two draped over your bed is a great way to refresh your bedroom quickly, with the added benefit of being a cooler alternative to your main duvet.

Choose pale colours that will look fresh and bright during the day, and ensure you’re going for breathable natural fabrics such as a good quality cotton.

Curtain update

Dining room with four chairs

As well as swapping your bedding for a lighter version, consider doing the same with your curtains.

Thick, heavy drapes are fantastic when it’s colder to keep in that much-needed warmth, but as the days get hotter a light, airy replacement is much more suitable. Keeping the curtains drawn during the day is a great tip to keep rooms cool during spells of particularly hot weather, but by going for a more delicate fabric you’ll still get some light shining through so that it doesn’t feel gloomy.

Let the light in

Office desk placed by a large window

There’s nothing like a bright, sunny morning to make you feel alive and ready to take on the day! Try moving your dressing table towards a window so that you can get ready in the morning with lots of natural light to help you wake up.

If you have a home office or studio space, you’ll also benefit from the extra light. A simple switch around can make the world of difference to your mood and motivation, Keeping the window open while you’re working is another great way to encourage calm thinking and focus, as you get on with all the important duties of the day with a cooling breeze.

Go bright

Sorbet living room with pastel wall designs

The perfect summer palette wouldn’t be complete without pops of colour – just take your inspiration from the vivid summer flowers in gardens all over the country! A few bright additions can really enliven a room, and it’s a quick and easy way to create an instant update if you swap some of your current accessories for something a little more colourful and fun.

One of the best things about a summer palette is that you can really experiment. Normally have a monochrome, minimal styling? Try adding just one statement colourful item for a contrast. Want to go bold? Mix and match complementary colours for a playful look that will get people talking.

Create an indoor oasis

Grey themed living room with plants

When it’s summer all we want to do is stay outside. But what if you could bring the outdoors inside?

All the things that we love about being outside in summer – being surrounded by gorgeous plants, taking in the heady scents of our favourite flowers, feeling connected to nature – can be transported into your own home.

Swap out some of your lamp stands or ornaments for some more natural influences. Buying a few potted plants to dot around your home will make it feel instantly more alive and summery. And if you’re worried about keeping all these new plant friends alive, soft furnishings with foliage prints are a great swap for your current looks!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Dressing table with mirror and pastel colour pops

We don’t always have the luxury of lots of space in our homes, so one way that you can make some small decor swaps that are perfect for summer is by updating wall hangings or pictures with mirrors.

Mirrors will reflect light back into the room, making it feel brighter and bigger. As well as being a great, functional accessory, they are the perfect way to add the finishing touches to a room,

Check out our range of mirrors to suit any home here.

Do you have any small decor swaps of your own that help you feel summer-ready? We’d love you to share your own tips. Join in the conversation over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more styling inspiration!