Ideal Home Show 2018: Interview with Karen Walker

At this year’s Ideal Home Show, we spoke to the Editor of Good Homes Magazine, Karen Walker, to ask for her top tips and advice on this year’s upcoming interiors trends. We discussed the botanical trend that has captured the attention of every interior designer this season, incorporating colour into your home and why the Oak Furniture Land glass table top encapsulates every single trend this year.

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Video Transcription

What interior trends do you predict for 2018?

Big for us is botanicals, always has been, I mean recently houseplants, next generation of house plants whether you love it or hate it, it’s real or faux that is definitely the way forward.
Prints, massive big overprints, plants, trees. The botanical bedroom behind me is one that really I think tells the story of the botanical trend.

Also for us it’s drama, it’s black, it’s midnight blues, it’s charcoals. Whether it’s on your kitchen front, whether it’s on your floors. Whether it’s accessories, it’s definitely a huge huge trend for glamour, sophistication, elegance of blacks. And last but not least it’s definitely, it’s almost like we call it the makers, it’s curated pieces of furniture, it’s very stylised it’s paired back, mixed materials so it’s really sleek and curved. Shown in our living room, it’s definitely a massive trend for 2018.

What style tips do your readers ask for most?

Our readers love colour. It’s all about what colours to pair, what colours to use, what colours brighten a room.What colours to use in hallways. It’s all about colours that work together as well. What palettes are really good, what hues, what shades. And this year it’s all about, this summer particularly, it’s all about blushed pinks, mint greens, I mean that’s huge. And pair it with pops of saffron and mustard yellow, and really scrumptious velvets with dark green in, your interiors will be shining.

Which is your favourite roomset and why?

For me, I think it’s the dining room without a shadow of a doubt. Because it encapsulates every single trend. The black flooring is gorgeous with the lovely gold inlay. It’s very sophisticated and glamorous, and it’s got an art deco twist. The Oak Furniture Land dining table in there really encapsulates all of these trends. It’s got a glass table top, it’s got the curvature of the wooden legs and dressed with all of the golds and the blacks and the cutlery on there. I think it’s a real statement feature in that room.