Winter is for Candle Light

It’s dark and gloomy outside and that means one thing: I bring out my candles. The more the better. There’s something about this time of the year that I really like and the warming glow of candles is one of those things. Now, obviously, there are more candles and candle holders out there than any one household could ever need, so things need narrowing down a little. If you (like me) are a fan of big pillar candles, then you might be perfectly happy to simply place one of them onto a small glass coaster and be done with it. However, if you prefer the slim variety, then you will obviously need a candle holder.


With so many to choose from, it can be a bit of a task to find the one (or rather the collection) that is suitable for your home. There are, as with any decorative items, things to consider like your taste, the colours you use in your home, and your overall style. Whilst an oversized classic candle holder can look super-stylish in a very slick and modern home, pulling this off requires a little bit of experience and a good eye. As a general and rather easier to follow rule, I’d recommend that “matching” your candle holders to your home is a good idea. So, the classic ones like above would look very good in a slightly more traditional home, whilst the geometric wood ones (below) would fit perfectly into a minimalist, Scandinavian style home.


66183822801 hanging candle holder

As with any home accessory, candle holders are a great way to bring a little glam into your home without a) breaking the bank and b) having to make any permanent changes. That’s one of the things I love about small items like this: I can bring them out in Winter to add some elegance to my home and put them away during the rest of the year when I might be more inclined to go for something a little less festive. Again, which direction of glamour you choose is up to your taste and your home. Choose something a little more ornate (above) for a bit of boho glam or something very simple (below) for a more elegant style.



Of course candle holders don’t have to fade into the background as “mere accessories”. They can actually be fabulous statement pieces in their own right. A collection of holders handmade from copper piping will certainly make a big statement and bring some very up-to-date industrial chic into your home. If something a little more “organic” is your thing, then the tree (below) made from wire might be suitable. It’s unusual and will certainly not fade into the background.

Wire Tree

Should all else be too much to think about or the choices are simply too many, then there’s of course always the oldest and most traditional solution: the good old glass bottle. Believe it or not, even a collection of glass bottles with candles can look very chic in an understated way and you won’t have to worry about storing them as you can recycle the bottles and just use a new set next year.


So, I hope you like this little roundup of candle holders. I’m off to buy more candles now as we still have many long evenings ahead of us.

Carole x