What Makes For A Happy Home?

We all know that houses are made of bricks and mortar (or whatever building material that may have been chosen) but homes are made with so much more. When we surround ourselves with the things we find comfort in, we build for ourselves a place of comfort and security. It is not the physical items we surround ourselves with necessarily. We have basic needs that must be met, of course, but it is the memories we make there, the experiences we share that really creates something so much more. Today, I wanted to share what I feel really makes for a happy home – one that is lived in and loved and the items within its four walls that create an inviting place to be.

Personal photographs

personal photos

Source: Lonny

Family holidays, a night out with your best friends or your child taking its first steps, a picture is worth 1000 words. Those images become the monologue of our lives and the experiences we’ve created with those we love. Whether you choose to share them as a full gallery wall in your hall landing or print them off and stick them on your fridge from Instagram, having photos in your home of the best of times will always bring a smile to your face.

Travel mementos

travel mementoes

Source: Swoon Worthy

Nearly every time I travel, I like to pick up a little something from the place I’ve been. I have street art from Prague, candle holders from Reykjavik, coasters from Barcelona and jewellery from Berlin. These items on display remind me of the experiences I’ve had there and make for a more layered and unique home, the memories they create bringing me back in an instant.



Source: Domino

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the books they read. Who hasn’t had a quick glance at a friend’s bookshelf, hoping it will reveal a little more about the people we know and like? So whether you are an avid skier or a budding photographer or simply love a bit of fantasy fiction, why not pile books on shelves, coffee tables or side tables around your home to share your most passionate interests and hobbies?


plants at home

Source: The EveryGirl / Photo by Tory Putnam

Studies have shown that plants make us happier. They reduce stress, improve concentration, lower blood pressure and improve well-being. Whether we live in the middle of the countryside or amongst a bustling city centre, plants connect us to nature. So why not surround yourself with a few green friends in your home to make life that much sweeter?


dog on sofa

Source: Swoon Worthy

Of course, they may scratch your furniture, leave ‘presents’ for you at the door and shed their hair everywhere but our furry friends are worth it, right? Bringing to our home friendliness, loyalty and warmth, our pets give us so much in return that we forgive them for making cleaning a little more challenging! There’s nothing I love more than seeing a home online or in a magazine with a furry friend cuddled up on a bed or sofa. As a nation of pet-lovers, there’s so much happiness to be had in welcoming a beloved animal into our homes.


signature scent

Source: The Future Kept

I watched a documentary recently where a multi-millionaire spent £20k on having a ‘signature scent’ made for their home. Of course, you don’t have to be a millionaire nor do you need to spend what could amount to a healthy deposit on another house to have your own. Choose a favourite candle or create your own scent by combining lemon, rosemary and vanilla in a pot and leaving the pot to simmer on the hob or you could simply bake some bread or make a pot of coffee to fill your home with an inviting aroma.

Embrace the imperfections


Source: Emily Katz for Urban Outfitters / Photo by Michael Spear

Of course, none of us live in a magazine. The homes we live in are well loved and well used. There might be a threadbare rug in the hallway where many feet have come and gone or the sticky cabinet lock that needs to be jigged just right to close. While these things may bug you from time to time, they are reminders of life being lived within its walls. Embrace the imperfections in your home because they are all signs of memories being created – and that should always make us happy.

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