Create the Perfect Christmas Wreath for your Front Door

It’s easy to decorate your home for Christmas and completely forget the outside of the house. But in recent years it’s become more and more popular to take our Christmas decorations outside and extend the festive decor. A Christmas wreath on the front door has become a great way of welcoming guests and visitors to your Christmas home, and there are so many styles and possibilities, it’s impossible to not get excited about it. If you love a little bit of Christmas craft for your door this year, read on.

Create the Perfect Christmas Wreath

There are lots of ways to use your diy and creative skills to create a stunning, eye-catching wreath for your front door so how about some of these ideas.

Firstly we have a more traditional looking fir, berry and flower wreath, which you could easily make yourself with a few basic components from the a florist, plus a glue gun and trip to the local hobbycraft store. If you don’t want to make this from scratch, buy a basic wreath from any diy store and customise it to your taste.

White frosted wreath

Next up is a more contemporary berry wreath, very popular now and easy to obtain from many Christmas decorations department. There’s something so satisfying about using red for Christmas, even if it’s not a colour you would normally introduce into your home. Again, another wreath you can easily make yourself using a wire circular base and florist wire to hold the berry branches in place.

Berry wreath

Do you love to knit? If so, how about creating a colourful pom-pom wreath like this one below. You might want to ensure it’s protected from the elements but this is ever so easy to do. Get yourself a polystyrene ring and attach your randomly sized pom poms in any way you like. Use a hot glue gun to build up depth and layers for a more interesting effect.

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Using felt is another perfect way to create something contemporary and modern for your front door. If you’re making it yourself, this one could be quite time-consuming, but very satisfying once complete. Again use a hot glue gun to stick petals of felt in any colour that works for you, to a foam or polystyrene ring from you local haberdashery or craft store.


If you want a little luxury and decadence for your door this Christmas, how about something like this one below made of peacock feathers? Using the hot glue gun again and an array of feather from the florist you can build up the shape to create something really special for your Christmas décor this year. The colour and texture create incredible drama, perfect for a stunning welcome for all your visitors.



Will you be creating your own individual Christmas wreath this year?