Top 3 Kitchen Trends For 2017

If you’re thinking of giving your kitchen an overhaul this year, you’ll want to be checking out what’s hot in the world of kitchen design, so I’ve pulled together 3 of my favourite looks to inspire you. Kitchens can be notoriously expensive to replace, but you don’t always have to. If you have great cupboard carcasses and you love the layout, why not update the doors, add new worktops and accessories and see how much of a difference you can make. Of course if you’re renovating and perhaps building an extension, a new kitchen is a must and these hot trends are going to be put on the right track when it comes to designing your new space.

Dark Shaker


Source: d’Evol Kitchens

A dark grey, or even black kitchen cupboard is coming through as a real winner in kitchen design this year with more and more people embracing the look. This installation by dEvol kitchens showcases the design beautifully in a light filled open plan space. Married with concrete worktops and floors (you could also go for something marble inspired) and brass accessories, it doesn’t feel dark or dreary. It feels contemporary and stylish, a space to unwind in, socialise, cook and eat. Set against the brickwork and white walls, this one is a definite must.


Source: d’Evol Kitchens

Vintage Design

White and neutral kitchen cabinets are still popular but this year have been updated by the introduction of pattern and design on both the walls and the floors. Vintage style tiles are used as a big statement factor in kitchens now, and wow, don’t they pack a punch.


Source: Wren Kitchens

Rugs aren’t useful or safe in a kitchen environment so more and more people are creating statement flooring using either tiles or vinyl. It’s easy to keep clean and looks just amazing. Of course you might want to think about underfloor heating if you opt for tiles, but the warmer more inviting nature of luxury vinyl should have you longing to skip around your kitchen in your bare feet.


Source: Harvey Maria

Black Appliances

We are constantly looking for ways to reinvent the kitchen space from something practical and functional, and this year we’ll be seeing more and more use of black appliances. If you thought it was all about silver and chrome, think again. The black range cooker, dishwasher and washing machines are making a steady headway into our kitchen designs.


Source: Miele

Black appliances work well in the darker kitchen, but equally they’re right at home in a brighter, whiter set up too. Creating much more of a statement than its chrome counterpart, the black appliance helps you build drama into your scheme without the need for bold colour.


Source: B&Q 

So there you go. Some wonderful design and hot trends for your kitchen in 2017. If you’re updating, renovating or going for the full reinstallation work, take your time to plan and research. Make a Pinterest board or cut out images from magazines to get a good idea of what your final design will look like. Kitchens are a big investment so you want to ensure you get what’s exactly right for you and your family.