Timeless Pieces Of Furniture To Invest

Whether you’re moving into a new home and starting from scratch or have been living in the same apartment for years and want to hit refresh on your interiors, buying new furniture is always a big deal. It can feel like a big investment too, which is why we’ve pulled together some top tips on what to look out for when you’re making your choices, as well as highlighting some key pieces for 2020 that you’ll love having in your home year after year. 

Sofas To Invest In

Grey loveseat with terracotta coloured cushion

Cooper Loveseat

Downtime is precious. It doesn’t matter if your sofa is for snuggling, sitting or snoozing, it deserves to be your happy place, somewhere you can relax and unwind. 

Like any investment item, you’re after longevity so quality should be top of your list. Make sure the construction is sturdy; a hardwood frame will mean good durability and look for cushions that will give you lasting comfort and support. Also, consider the upholstery and your lifestyle. If you’ve got kids you’ll know sofas are a magnet for sticky fingers so checking the fabric can take what everyday life will throw at it while still looking lovely is important. 

Grey Sofa with Botanical themed cushions

Morgan Sofa

Obviously the dimensions of your sofa are vital but it also needs to fit in with your life. A modular sofa, like this one from our Morgan collection, is great if you want the flexibility to regularly reconfigure your space. Each piece is fully finished so you can place it however you want, adapting it from room to room or house to house. 

Living room furniture and black painted walls

Fraser Sofa

If you’re not set on a sofa, maybe two loveseats might better suit your living room meanwhile sofa beds are a great sleepover solution if you don’t have a guest bed. 

When you’re shelling out for an investment piece, seek out a style with staying power. Avoid the fads and stick to classic shapes and traditional design details which will outlast more fleeting trends. A statement Scandi sofa, for example, has simple mid-century modern lines that are ideal for creating a timeless look. Our Fraser, Brighton and Cooper collections channel this perfectly with a retro feel that won’t date. 

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Dining Tables To Invest In

dining room with earth toned decor

Mantis Light Dining Table / Cross Dining Chairs / Rhodes Bar Stool

Chances are, as much as you long to spend hours lounging in the living room, you probably spend the bulk of your time in the kitchen. A decent dining table is central to this heart of the home. 

We’d always recommend prioritising durability: there’s no point having something beautiful if it wobbles. A solid hardwood table that’s been well made not only has warmth and masses of character it will also withstand wear and tear – unlike a veneer or laminate that’s prone to chipping and peeling. 

rustic earth toned dining room with round dining table

Pedestal Dining Table & Chairs

Shape is also a consideration. Round tables, like this solid oak Pedestal table are more space-efficient without the corners and some people think they create a casual atmosphere because the conversation flows easily and there isn’t someone sitting at the head of the table. 

sage green painted dining set in blue toned dining room

Brindle Dining Table

Rectangular designs remain the traditional choice. Our oak and painted Brindle table is classic while our Brooklyn table is a contemporary take on the shape and looks great teamed with a bench, which can be handily stowed underneath so it’s out of the way. 

Industrial Table in Botanical Kitchen

Brooklyn Dining Table & Bench

Fans of entertaining could explore the idea of an extending table: a design with a handy butterfly mechanism will mean it’s hassle free to create space for up to 12 guests. 

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Wardrobes To Invest In

Finding the right wardrobe will keep your bedroom floor clutter-free and your dress sense fashionably on track. Daily use means it needs to stand the test of time, which is why all our designs are made from solid hardwood – including the backs, bases, hanging rails drawers and runners. This kind of sturdy storage is good news if you’re not fully on board with the Kondo craze and have got a lot of clothes to squeeze in. 

Consider the room you’ve got and the amount of stuff you need to stow away. Would a double or triple wardrobe work best for you? Or perhaps the layout of your space is more suited to two double wardrobes? Will your ceiling height allow you to add a couple of baskets for extra storage or could you liven up your scheme by styling the top of the wardrobe with greenery? 

When you’ve got the practicalities like dimensions sorted, move onto the finish and the vibe you want to create in your bedroom. 

Bed and white furniture in neutral bedroom

Romsey Bed / Shay Bedside Table / Bella Chest of Drawers / Bella Wardrobe

Those of us who love the idea of a soothing sleep sanctuary you might have gone for a tranquil colour scheme that would suit one of our painted wardrobes in a peaceful shade, like this one from our Bella collection. Another two-tone range that’s a favourite is Hove, it’s chalky white and solid oak combo coordinates with everything and the pale shade makes spaces look bigger and brighter. 

White painted furniture with geometric rug

Kemble Bedside Table / Mantis Light Bed / Kemble Triple Wardrobe

Our painted wardrobes also make a brilliant backdrop for a pop of colour. This Kemble triple wardrobe for example, looks great paired with a bright shade on the walls. Or perhaps, you’re a style chameleon, in which case, the natural palette makes it simple to ring the changes. 

White and oak furniture with geometric wallpaper

Country Cottage Bed / Oakdale Blanket Box / Mantis Light Wardrobe

By mixing shades and finishes you can add instant cosiness to your space, creating layers of interest and a richness of colour. The modern, chunky design of this Oakdale triple wardrobe, with its square block handles, makes for a subtle contrast in style to the painted Country Cottage king-size bed while the darker warmth of our Original Rustic triple wardrobe looks lovely against the sunny grain of the solid mango wood Mantis king-size bed

earth toned rustic bedroom with oak furniture

Mantis Light Bed / Mantis Light Bedside Table / Original Rustic Triple Wardrobe

Alternatively, if you prefer a more cohesive feel, match the tones of the wood as we have here with pieces from our Original Rustic Range

Whatever you choose to invest in, we know it’ll be the perfect fit for your home. For more tips and suggestions on how to choose furniture, find more useful articles for around your home here.