Classic & Creative/Quirky: Timeless Pieces With Weird and Wonderful Accessories

Mixing and matching different styles has always been a stalwart element of eclectic design. Taking pieces that seem to be disparate and putting them together to create something new and exciting can be a highly satisfying way to bring personality to your home. But how do you know what to mix and match together for the greatest effect?

The truth is, we may be tempted to throw everything weird and wonderful into one space but what can result is a chaotic mishmash rather than a beautiful synergy. There may be the fear that choosing classic pieces with timeless appeal will seem boring or dated but the fact is, they make the perfect base for more eclectic accents.

In today’s post, we’ll be sharing our top tips for bringing together the classic pairing of timeless furniture alongside weird and wonderful accessories for an eclectic touch in your own home.

Rustic Furniture Mixed with a Tropical Theme

Source: The Interior Editor

While pieces with a rustic look might seem to only fit with a more traditional or industrial theme, with the right accessories, it can look bang on trend. In our first example above, a rustic sideboard is given a tropical update with a bold feature wall and plenty of greenery to create a perfect balance.

House plants are a big trend right now so consider bringing your rustic furniture to life by creating your own urban jungle with a wide variety of different leaf shapes and sizes.

Classic Furniture Mixed with Pastel Colours

Classic neutral furniture mixed with pastel colour accents

Source: Oak Furniture Land

Above, we see a classic piece of oak furniture brightened and made more contemporary with the use of a rainbow of pastel pieces. The artwork above acts as an anchor to the colour scheme, making the random assortment of items come to life.

When using a mixed colour palette, consider items with similar saturations to tie into a theme so the pieces seem less random and more considered. Your classic piece of furniture will act as the base so if it’s a pale natural wood, then lighter hues like pastels are a wonderful way of bringing it up to date.

Art Deco Mixed with Contemporary Glamour

Art deco piece of furniture

Source: Kimberly Duran / Swoon Worthy

In my own home, a vintage Art Deco cabinet is topped with glamorous accessories including a pineapple gold lamp and gold accessories. The artwork, vase, candles and lamp are all very contemporary – straight lines and simple forms that play off the detail in the furniture.

If you have furniture with a lot of embellishment, consider choosing items that play off that contrast. Simple forms with minimal design details create a balance to make sure all eyes are on the elements that count.

1970’s Glam with Trendy Accents

70s inspired furniture

Source: Kimberly Duran / Swoon Worthy

Here’s another example from my own home which pairs a vintage 70’s glass and brass shelving unit with a mix of contemporary trend-led accents bringing the entire unit into the 21st century. I’ve chosen a mix of items to style – from a gold skull to a stylised white horse to a gold pineapple and contemporary ceramics.

If your classic furniture might look more at home at your grandmother’s house, mix in a selection of trendy pieces in a contemporary colourway to bring it up to date. Accessories are a great way to keep up with the trends and less expensive to replace when they fall out of style and make the perfect companions to classic furniture pieces.

1930’s Furniture with Contemporary Art

1930s inspired furniture with photo frame on wall

Source: Kimberly Duran / Swoon Worthy

One last example, again from my own home (as you can see I love eclectic design!) is my vintage 1930’s chest of drawers. Here, the large-scale artwork is what grabs your attention and its contemporary design plays nicely with the intricate details in the wood.

When choosing artwork to pair with classic furniture, create tension with high-contrast pieces – bold, contemporary designs work beautifully with more refined details, creating an effortless and timeless balance.

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