Terrarium Planters

They’re cute, stylish and bang on trend for 2016. The terrarium planter has become really popular in the last year or so, and is so easy to work into your décor. If you’re not a plant lover, or don’t have green fingers, never fear, the terrarium couldn’t be easier to create and look after. You don’t need to have a tropical climate in your home and you don’t need any special equipment; you can create a stunning terrarium with either a specific shop bought example, or from any glass container you happen to have at home.

Photo by Nielsen Ramon on Unsplash

If you’re going to create your own ensure you choose slow-growing plants as you don’t want the container to become overcrowded too quickly. And choose plants that work well together and like the same conditions. Ideally put all of your succulents in one and cacti in another. Sun loving plants should be in an open terrarium or container and those that love humid environments in a closed pot.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Due to their clear, glass nature terrariums give you the chance to create something stylish and decorative. Using a variety of stones, gravel and pebbles enables you to give it a coordinated or eclectic look, whichever suits your home best. Adding some soil where necessary, and charcoal if you’re terrarium is going to be closed; this helps keep the soil fresh.

Photo by Marc Babin on Unsplash

As well as looking incredibly stylish, and adding a little greenery to your shelf or windowsill, terrariums are very versatile and can help add something fun and inviting to your home. If you’ve shied away for using plants in your home, or if you have trouble keeping them fed and watered, terrariums containing succulents or cacti, could be the answer. They need minimal feeding and very little watering and tend to be very robust.

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

Now if plants are really your thing but you’re definitely drawn to the terrarium then why not use them as candle holders. Dotted about the room, on the fireplace or even outdoors (be careful to not break them of course) they can look stunning, the angles playing well into the geometric trend, and the iron edgings working well with a vintage look. But to be honest, they are divine when planted, so don’t be worried about giving this a go. Check out your local garden centre to see that stock they might have (and buy your plants and accessories there whilst you’re visiting) or try stores like Urban Outfitters, Cox and Cox and the local DIY stores.

Happy planting!