Summer Colour Schemes for Your Décor

Summer is well and truly here and with that comes the chance to be inspired by the colours around us. If you are considering reinventing your living space, why not try something fresh and different this season with some new colour combinations just perfect for summer sunshine?

Breathe new life into your home with our top combinations for chic summer style using nature as your muse and check out our top tips for using colour in your home.

Summer Colour Palette #1: Nude and Green

Nude and Green

1 – wallpaper / 2 – faux bamboo / 3 – wall clock / 4 – sofa / 5 – set of prints / 6 – throw

One of the biggest colour trends this year has been blush pink and nude shades alongside another trend for plenty of greenery in our homes. Bring the outdoors in this summer with some faux plants and wallpaper, art prints or fabrics which echo a tropical or desert scheme.

Our Chesterfield sofa is the perfect neutral base for this combination but the tufted style is a design classic meaning it’s unlikely to fall out of fashion any time soon, making it the perfect investment piece when combining it with trending fabrics, accessories and prints.

Summer Colour Palette #2: Teal and Rust

Teal and Rust

1 – wallpaper / 2 – pendant light / 3 – chair / 4 – vase / 5 – art print / 6 – rug

One of the colours that has risen to the forefront of design this year is warm rusty shades reminiscent of a summer sunset. Orange shades comes to life when combined with its opposite on the colour wheel so blue is a natural choice to create a vibrant bright living space.

Consider an accent chair like our Sydney in pumpkin to create a bold statement in a room and combine it with shades of blue, navy or teal for a pop of colour that will look just as beautiful in the upcoming seasons.

Summer Colour Palette #3: Greige and Ochre

Greige and Ochre

1 – wallpaper / 2 – rug / 3 – bed / 4 – wall paint / 5 – bedding / 6 – table lamp

If you feel more comfortable with softer, neutral shades, let me introduce you to your newest favourite – ochre yellow. While it’s said that yellow is the happiest colour, this soft toned-down shade is easy to live with and works beautifully with a warmed up grey colour – greige.

This combination is perfect for a tranquil bedroom scheme with enough colour to invigorate the space without overwhelming the senses. Choose fabrics in graphic patterns for a contemporary look and combine with a modern floral wallpaper for a subtle take on this trend.

Summer Colour Palette #4: Duck Egg and Navy

Duck Egg and Navy

1 – floor lamp / 2 – wallpaper / 3 – pendant light / 4 – blanket / 5 – pitcher / 6 – sofa

For many of us, summer means trips to the seaside with family and friends, with the summer skies and the smell of salt water on our skin. Take that feeling home with the combination of duck egg blue and navy, a perfect combination inspired by the blue sea and clear sky.

This cool combo warms up with the addition of natural wood tones and plenty of tactile fabrics and works equally well with bright crisp white or soft cream shades.

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