Spring Garden Ideas in Black and White

We recently purchased a new shed for our garden. I know this is not the most exciting news but I have to say, I’m thrilled. We replaced a previously tiny shed with something much more appropriate for the space and so much more room for storage and now I’m suddenly considering how I want to tackle the rest of the design out there.

One of the ideas I had was to paint the shed black. Perhaps an unusual choice but the more monochrome palettes I see used outside, the more it appeals to me.

So I thought today we could look at some great inspiration for outdoor spaces in black and white. While I won’t be able to incorporate everything here of course, I think there are some great ideas for outdoors spaces in this colour palette that you might just find inspirational as well.


While I’m obviously considering the structure of my shed as the basis for the scheme, it’s easy to incorporate black and white textiles to make a strong style statement. Black and white stripes really never date and I love how the textural neutrals above really add to the relaxed atmosphere. A wicker planter, some boho-style cushions and just a few colourful accents by way of the pot plants create such a warm and inviting balcony.


Above, we have another relaxed space but this time with a more Scandi-vibe. That graphic black and white chevron rug gives it a bit of energy without overpowering the simplicity of a space. Choosing pale wood and grey for everything else means this patio is definitely made for relaxed days and long summer nights.


While I don’t have any place for tiling in my back garden, I love how this narrow outside area gets a real shot of energy from those beautiful black and white tiles. Everything else is kept simple to let that great floor really take centre stage. This would be a fabulous idea for a small patio area and is certainly low-maintenance as well.


It was actually Kristin from The Hunted Interior above that originally inspired me to consider black for my own outdoor space. Again, those stripes are a strong style statement and the palette is picked up in small outbuilding. I love the contrast of the white trim and creative display of white plates. The greens of all of these spaces really stand out against such a simple palette.


I also loved her patio makeover in the picture above. The black and white again creates a lovely palette for other colours to play against. Black and white graphic cushions are such a simple way to add softness to your outside spaces and there are plenty of places you can get fabric that’s suitable for the outdoors. Obviously you wouldn’t want to leave them outside all year here in the UK, but for those stretches of summer weather, you’ll know that the sun won’t fade the fabric and they are more stain and water resistant than normal fabrics.


And if you just wanted to add a really small touch of black and white, then why not paint a planter? This is such an easy DIY and really creates a fun, relaxed atmosphere outdoors without a lot of expense or hassle.

So how do you decorate your outside spaces? And is black and white a palette that you’d consider for your own garden?

Kimberly X