Spring clean and organise your desk

Ah yes, spring-time means cleaning and re-organising time. Well, at least for me. You might have already read my post on cleaning your home the natural way, so I won’t tell you any more about that. However, there’s one thing that is no doubt important to many people, whether you work from home or just take care of some of your essential paperwork on a regular basis: your desk area. Yes, I’m often struggling with a pile of paperwork sitting on the side of my desk waiting for my attention and I often wonder whether I will ever reach desk-nirvana and it will just look sleek and tidy.

Source: Photo by John Kappa ツ on Unsplash

Since hiring a personal assistant isn’t an option, I have to come up with other ideas to keep my desk and work area organised and myself sane. So, I’ve had a good rummage around the web to find some ideas which I thought I’d share with you.

If you’re the crafting type, then you’ll already know that organising your work space can be a real challenge. There are so many bits and bobs, pieces of fabric, scraps of paper, scissors, sticky tapes etc to be stashed away that it can be tricky to organise them in a way that make it easy to find things when we need them. I love the idea above of a large peg board above the desk. It means that items can be hung up in full view without looking messy and you will always be able to find what you’re looking for.

Source: Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

One of my personal trouble spots is my desk drawers. Yes, I admit I’m a “out of sight, out of mind” kinda person and my drawer does unfortunately look accordingly. The most infuriating bit is how long it takes me to find something I know for certain is actually in there! So, this little compartment system for drawers has to be one of my favourite ideas! Just imagine how great it would be to open a drawer, take one look and immediately find what you’re looking for!

Source: Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Even if you’re not a crafter, some things just need to be in immediate reach. Pens, pencils, scissors, these are the items that need to be on your desk whilst looking organised. A simple pencil holder like this one is perfect for that purpose, you will find the instructions on how to make this yourself!

Technology is a fact of modern life and with that comes a whole host of cables and chargers. It can be annoying to have those cables and small items make your desk look untidy when you’ve just spent lots of time clearing everything else away, so why not use something like this nifty solution: a small drawer unit that contains all your cables and enough space for all your devices. A charging station. It will make your desk look tidier immediately.

Industrial Style Office Desk in botanical home office

Your work space does of course not have to be restricted to your desk. We often have more items than we want to keep on our desk, but would still like to have in easy reach. In a case like that, a bookcase is the perfect solution, it could be kept next to it. You can keep reference books, notepads, pens and anything else you need on it that doesn’t fit on your desk and it won’t look untidy.

I hope these tips are helpful and will help you sprucing up your home office for spring.