Space saving Christmas Tree Ideas

Ah, to be blessed with a mansion and the space for a 12ft Christmas tree, sparkling with lights and groaning under the weight of baubles and its own branches. What? You mean you don’t have a home like that? Well, you’re not alone as neither do I. Homes in the UK are, in comparison to other countries, notoriously small and if you live in a major city, then space will become even more of an issue. So, what to do at Christmas then when any ‘real life 3D’ tree takes up so much of the living space that getting from the kitchen to the dining table becomes something of an obstacle course? Well, I thought I’d show you some ideas.

Wall Tree 1

All the ideas here are based around one main concept: the trees are all on or against a wall and therefore take no space from your living area. Clever, right? And of course, these are just some inspirations. You can get as creative as you like and tailor any “wall tree” to your own taste or your home. The first one for example is strikingly simple with a very scandinavian feel to it and would work nicely in a relatively light and minimal house. The cardboard trees below are admittedly a little more, ahem, specialist and might not be to everybody’s taste. I do, however, think that it’s a pretty clever idea and considering how long those strings of lights are, there’s no reason not to have two, three or even four little trees.

Cardboard Tree

Canvas Tree

Possibly the least work intensive of all trees is the one that can be rolled out and hung up. It’s readily decorated and lightweight and has the added bonus that it can neatly be stashed away afterwards. Not bad really, is it? A little more labour intensive is a tree made from collected branches. Admittedly, this one might need a little more planning than remembering mid-December that this would make the perfect display. You might need to start collecting and drying branches during the summer months for this one, but I think it looks very charming, natural and the minimal decorations work beautifully with the overall look.

Wall Tree 2

Collection Tree

Somewhat more work intensive and requiring a little creative skill are these two trees. For the one above, you will need to collect small frames, ornaments, souvenirs and other small items that will then be hung up together to form the tree. Yes, it’s quite a bit of work, but it certainly has the wow effect! The one below is by comparison much simpler, but you would still have to get a little creative. A chalkboard tree with the advantage that you can draw it as little or a huge as you like. Here, the ceiling is the limit. Draw the tree, give it a nice pot to “stand” in and then hang some lights and baubles for decoration. The great thing here is that if you do get it wrong, all you need is a cloth and a little water to rectify your mistakes.

Chalk Tree

If all the ideas above are a little too unconventional for your taste and – despite the lack of space – you’d still like something a little more traditional, then how about the one below? Actual, real tree branches have been hung on the wall in a Christmas tree shape and decorated with classic baubles. Space saving yet traditional. Surely that’s a great compromise for a small space?

Branch Tree

I hope these ideas will inspire you and if you do have that mansion and space for the 12ft tree then one of these trees might still be useful for a spare room maybe?

Carole x