Are you enjoying the wonderful Spring sunshine? After a long, and rather damp Winter, it is a welcome change to the weather, I’m sure you’ll agree. With the sunshine, comes renewed vigour when it comes to decorating our homes. I always find extra energy at this time of the year, to invest in some decor updates, a little decluttering, and some colour changes, and I’m sure I’m not on my own.

There are lots of ways to give your home a Spring refresh, but one of the ideas I wanted to showcase in more detail, is how to use a sofa to freshen your living space. After spending so much time indoors throughout the Winter, the brighter light of Spring shows up all of the marks and, in my case, grime in my living space. The sofa, in particular, seems to take quite a battering, so it’s often a great time to start looking at new styles and options that are available and look at how a new sofa will freshen your Spring home.

Style Options:

Chocolate brown leather reclining sofa

Finley sofa

If you’ve decided that purchasing a new sofa is on your Spring to do list, firstly be sure of the style that suits your home. There are so many different styles of sofa now, that having a clear idea of the styles you like before you go shopping will really help focus your mind. Are you into Contemporary styling, straight lines and simple designs? Or perhaps you are more traditional or prefer a country feel to your home. Maybe you love the new trend for corner sofas; they suit family living and are very versatile. Whatever your style, ensuring that your new sofa will look great in your home is essential, and is key if you’re freshening your space this Spring.

Adding some Spring Colour:

Modern Blue Fabric Sofa

Brighton sofa

Of course, the Spring sunshine lifts us out of the dreariness of Winter, and encourages us to decorate our homes in bright, vibrant colours. Using a colourful sofa as the centrepiece to your colour scheme is a great way to invite colour into your home. Yellow is still very popular, and seems to symbolise Spring, so why not add some this season. If you do freshen your home with a colourful sofa, think about how it will work with rest of the decor. Keep it simple and use just one colour on a neutral background, or pick 2-3 colours that complement each other for a more vibrant scheme.

Keeping it Neutral:

Romsey Living Range

Morgan sofa

You might want your sofa to blend into the surroundings. Perhaps you have some amazing art, or a wall collage, or some key accessories that will be the focal point in your room. If that is the case, choose a neutral sofa (which will work well with various interior designs too) and accessorise in tonal cushions and throws. A calm, neutral sofa will maximise the impact from other aspects of the decor.

Dressing your Sofa:

Days are brighter, but the evenings can still be cool, so don’t forget to add a soft and sumptuous throw to your sofa. It’s a great way to protect it, particularly if you have children, and will provide that much-loved opportunity for a late-night snuggle as you watch your favourite TV programme. If you’re a fan of the Scandi or Nordic look in your home, you might even like to adorn your sofas with a sheepskin rug, a look that’s very popular at the moment.

parquet style furniture in open living roomParquet range

Top Tip: If you love to overload your sofa with a variety of cushions, place a wicker basket nearby to hold the extras when you sit down. 

Carole has written a great post on our blog before, on how to dress your sofa so I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this, but updating the cushions in fresh, Spring colours will really brighten your room. Have you ever wanted to recreate that designer look when it comes to arranging your cushions?

So I hope I’ve inspired you to freshen your home this Spring, and think about how a reinventing your sofa can help you do that. Have you given your home a Spring makeover? Are you hoping to change the sofa this season?

Do let us know, we love to hear from you.