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If you’re anything like me, you might like a bit of DIY. I don’t mean the heavy stuff like tiling or plastering walls (though given the right circumstances I’d try my hand at that too), but the small kind that doesn’t take more than a couple of hours and will give you a unique and pretty home accessory at the end. I also like to do DIYs during the summer months when I have enough daylight to see a project through in one day and be able to see what I’m doing. And speaking of light, well, why not make some unique and unusual lights for your home yourself? There are so many fun and pretty tutorials out there that it would be a shame not to give it a go, don’t you think? So, here are some of my favourites and I know of at least one that I will have to try out…

Jar Pendants

Pretty jars have been bang on trend for some time now and there are some fairly expensive jar pendants you can buy. Admittedly, they look great, but why spend the money when you can easily make them yourself? The trick is to use some great looking jars and invest the saved money into some filigree lightbulbs which will give a warm glow and look amazing.

Paper Lampshade

If you’re after a large statement piece, then this “paper chandelier” should do the trick. Fashioned from an inexpensive, round paper lantern and strips of paper, this DIY solution is easy to do and will save you heaps of money when compared to other, similar lights you can buy. You could even use brightly coloured or gold paper to transform the look completely and match it to your decor.

Marquee Letter

Personalising your space or dressing table is easily done by having a large marquee letter with lights. Made from painted cardboard and with the addition of some round lightbulbs, this one might be a little more work-intensive, but the result will look amazing and, well, definitely personal.

LED Cloud Light

Probably the most romantic of them all is the illuminated cloud. How pretty does that look? This one would be perfect for a girl’s bedroom but can of course be used in an adult’s room too. You could even make more than one and have them hanging from the ceiling for a really soft effect.

Tin Can Spotlight

This one is definitely for the person who likes a touch of industrial style though it can just as easy be turned into something a little more midcentury by using the right design on the outside. Turn your baked beans tin into a spotlight that will look great on a sideboard or a small shelf. I think it’s a great solution for an unfussy look.

String Lantern

You can even make your own lighting for outside! The string balls work beautifully with the overall outdoorsy look and will certainly look better than simply hanging up a string of lights. Perfect for balmy summer evenings and when they’re over the lights can just as easily be moved indoors.

I hope this post has given you some inspiration to create some pretty lights for your home. If you’ve already made your own, then I’d love to hear from you!

Carole x

Image Credits: Woonblog, fab diy, Grey likes Nesting, wonderful diy, recyclart, splash of something

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