We may often confuse having a clean home with an organised one. While they are similar in terms of maintaining a happy, comfortable living space, organising can take an extra bit of creativity and planning. That planning, however, is worthwhile when we know that every possession in our home has a rightful place. Cleaning and tidying your home become second nature.

Our post shares our very best tips to maximise every inch of your home to ensure you’re keeping on top of just about every room – today and every day. 

Assess and Edit

rustic earth toned dining room with round dining table

Your first step when organising any space is not to buy your storage containers immediately, it’s getting rid of those things that no longer serve you. 

For each area of your home that seems to encourage clutter, take it in turns by room to pull everything out by type (clothing, paperwork, books, kitchen tools, bathroom products, craft supplies, etc) and discard or donate the items you no longer need – be ruthless. 

Once this step is complete, you’ll be better able to assess what storage requirements you need. The more you edit, the easier it is to maintain so be sure to do this exercise regularly.

An Organised Living Room

Look out for furniture that does double duty to keep the clutter at bay. Bookshelves are great for storage and not just for books. Look out for baskets to fit the shelving to tidy away anything you don’t want to display but still want within easy reach.

scandinavian style coffee table in modern living room

A coffee table with drawers or shelves is another great way to keep things like remote controls, magazines, games or toys off the surface. Remember that nature abhors a vacuum. Consider adding a tray with candles, flowers, books or decorative items to the top of your coffee table to discourage using it as a dumping ground.

sage green painted chest of drawers in blue toned bedroom

Incorporate blanket boxes or baskets to hide away extra throws and cushions when they aren’t in use and don’t forget larger pieces like sideboards or cabinets for even more storage potential.

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An Organised Kitchen

dining room with earth toned decor

Make the most of whatever space you have by ensuring that everything has a place. Keep the items you use most within easy reach and those you don’t use on an everyday basis can be stored in higher cabinets or shelving.

marble kitchen worktop with gold utensil hanging rails

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Vertical storage is another great option for organising your kitchen. Consider open shelving for walls without upper cabinets to curate and display pieces you use all the time.

Hooks and rails are a great way to keep utensils, mugs, pots and pans within easy reach too.

Inside your cabinets, look out for space-saving solutions like spice racks or plate racks and consider decanting dry goods into glass storage jars for an organised look that is also practical – you’ll know at a glance when it’s time to restock.

Use baskets to corral similar items together like packets or smaller open-top boxes for things like sauces and condiments. 

An Organised Bathroom

Bathrooms are another area where storage is often limited and so it’s easy for things to get out of hand quickly. Be ruthless in terms of product storage – if you aren’t using it, get rid of it or consider finding a local shelter via Toiletries Amnesty that would be happy to take any unused or gently used toiletries you may have. 

For everyday toiletries, consider incorporating a vanity unit in your bathroom with drawers or cabinets. Instead of using any drawers as a dumping ground, consider drawer dividers to stash things into categories or by a family member.

Hooks are another great solution for towels as they are often easier for children to use rather than a hanging rail. 

Wall-hung shelves can also be used for clean towels or toiletries. Consider using trays for surfaces to corral everyday items like hand soap or lotions or consider decanting items like cotton wool pads or cotton buds into glass storage containers.

An Organised Bedroom

earth toned bedroom with curved painted walls

For most of us, it’s clothing and accessories that take up the most space so, if you haven’t worn it in the last year (moving through all 4 seasons), then it’s probably best packed away for charity. If it no longer fits or doesn’t suit you but you’re not sure whether to let it go, pack it away for 6 months with the date marked on top. If you don’t reach for it again in 6 months’ time, it’s likely never going to be worn!

Bed and white furniture in neutral bedroom

Of course, you’ll need to have plenty of adequate storage for your space. Wardrobes are perfect for hanging clothes but consider adding a few large baskets on top to store out of season pieces or extra bedding.

For chests of drawers, use drawer dividers for things like socks or underwear to keep clutter at bay or look out for narrower pieces like a tallboy as a great space-saver.

white painted modern blanket box at end of bed

A blanket box is a great idea as it can act as a spot to pull on shoes and socks but you can easily stash away extra bedding sets, jumpers, pillows and more inside.

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An Organised Home Office

rustic themed office interiors in earthy toned room

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with miscellaneous paperwork, receipts, contracts, invoices and more for our home office spaces. If you are able, try to allow yourself the time to scan documents to store and backup a digital version instead to reduce how much storage you need.

Incorporate furniture that incorporates built-in storage as well. A desk with drawers will allow you to clear your workspace more easily, hiding away anything you don’t require on a daily basis. 

modern white painted matching office furniture in modern room

Consider bookcases as well for storing not just books but again, baskets which can hold things like power leads or chargers or smaller miscellaneous items you can easily reach for but don’t necessarily need to keep out on display.

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