During these current times more of us are working from home than ever before. Rather than being a temporary option, home offices are fast becoming dedicated spaces in our homes. With flexible working now the norm, I wanted to share with you my top tips for creating the perfect office space. Whether your home office is located in an annex, a bedroom or the corner of a room there are a few essentials to consider.

The most crucial items for any office are the desk and chair. A designated workspace will help you to focus on your work and ensure you feel professional and productive. Whether you are spending the full working week in your home office or just a few hours it is important that you are comfortable. Unsuitable seating can cause you to adopt an awkward posture which can lead to discomfort and back pain. Look for a seat which is comfortable and fully adjusts (height and backrests). Select a desk that is wide enough for your computer/laptop and anything else necessary to do your work.

My desk is from the Hove range at Oak Furnitureland and I chose this desk as it has large proportions, comfortably fitting my computer, in tray, lamp, pen pot and a notepad. The warm coloured natural oak feels very grounding and is a pleasure to work on. The six good sized drawers (with dovetail joints, so nice and strong) hold all my stationery and the central shallow drawer is the ideal space to store my laptop when not in use.

Good storage is essential for filing paperwork, housing a printer etc. I chose the Hove small sideboard to match my desk and, as well as being a beautiful piece of furniture, it is extremely practical – since it is made of hardwood it is strong enough to hold all my files, papers, ink cartridges and printer. Having these items “out of sight” makes the room feel calm and peaceful which helps boost my productivity.

Poor lighting can cause symptoms like eyestrain, migraine and headaches so it is important to consider your lighting sources when deciding where to locate your home office. The only workable space for my desk was to position it with my back to the window. To help reduce glare I installed wooden blinds. There is a central pendant light and I also added a desk lamp. To enhance the natural light I added a mirror and kept the walls white with just a feature wall in a soft neutral tone. The Hove collection is painted in a beautiful chalk white which also helps to give the room a bright and airy feel and its rounded edges ensure it is not imposing in the room. I really wanted my home office to be a relaxing, calming space as I work best when not surrounded by visual clutter and this furniture is perfect for my needs.

Accessories are where you can really make an area your own. I added a simple canvas above the desk and like to burn a favourite candle whilst working. I found that adding these simple touches ensures that the home office is a comfortable and inviting space. If you have the space, a bookcase could be used practically and to introduce beautiful accessories.

To save money I created the canvas myself using leftover tester pots which was fun to do, and used the same emulsion to paint some old books we had. I also use an empty glass candle jar, which I cleaned out, as a pen pot.