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We walk on them on a daily basis. We place our furniture onto them, we might sit on them and – if things get really crowded – we might even sleep on them. Our floors play an important role in our homes and should be considered with far more care than a wall colour. Yes, the wall colour is important, but it can be changed relatively quickly and painless with a bucket of paint and a paint brush. It’s somewhat more complicated and more expensive when it comes to flooring. That doesn’t, however, mean that we should always play it safe for fear of putting a foot wrong (pun semi-intended), it just means that we should really think about our style, which room the flooring is going into and how much impact we would like it to have. A fabulous floor will set the tone for the rest of the room and the home. So, with that in mind, I have searched for some striking and beautiful examples which are great to inspire and maybe give some confidence when it comes to future choices.

Dark Wood

A dark wood floor is a classic and you can’t go wrong with it. It still has a big impact though because of the beautiful contrast with the white walls. Imagine the same hallway with a light wood floor and the dramatic look suddenly disappears. If, on the other hand, you like your walls dark (maybe dark grey), then a really light floor would look great. It’s all about contrast and playing with light and dark elements in a room.

Brick Flooring

Bricks laid in a herringbone pattern look great in a country setting. Whilst brick walls are associated with loft living, this kind of floor would work beautifully in a farm house. I would probably stock up on woolly socks though as (unless you have underfloor heating) I think that this might get a little cold.

Green Parquet

A very different take on the classic parquet floor. This amazing floor in watery greens is made even more stunning by the slight variations in the colouring. The glossy surface reflects light back into the room and gives the room an elegant and fresh look.

Hexagon Tiles

A stunning and individual idea for a kitchen are hexagonal tiles laid in an eye-catching pattern. This will request some patience from the person laying the tiles, but the result is certainly worth it. The monochrome colour palette ensures that the pattern doesn’t overwhelm the interior and offers the freedom to add any colour of furniture.


Another one that you simply cannot go wrong with is a classic parquet floor. Traditional, yet bohemian in equal measures, this floor will give your home instant warmth. If at all possible, try and source reclaimed wood for this one as it gains in charm the more worn the boards are.


The return of patterned tiles has certainly made a big impact. They never really went away in mediterranean countries and if you have ever been lucky enough to lift an old carpet to uncover some original tiles, then you’ll know how beautiful they can be. The great thing about tiles like these is that they work in hallways, bathrooms (I think we all agree what a huge mistake carpets in bathrooms are and luckily people are moving away from that) and kitchens and bring a touch of tradition as well as up-to-date colour and pattern to the room.

Stenciled floor

If none of the above appeal and you’re wondering what to do with those old floorboards you’ve uncovered, how about a stencilled pattern? With a little bit of patience, some scissors and a paintbrush, this floor will transform your room (and old boards) from drab to fab and will certainly be a talking point amongst visitors.

So, these are some of my favourite flooring ideas at the moment. I hope you like them and they might be helpful if you’re looking to replace your floor or moving home.

Carole x

Image Credits: I love Hudson, Cote de Texas, April and May, These Tings, Design Sponge, Ralfefarfars Paradis, From London with Love

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