Industrial touch…

In case you hadn’t heard, the industrial trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It looks like it’s here to stay for some time yet. Having of course been around for a little while, it has become a firm favourite with designers and stylists alike. Like a lot of trends, this one could easily dismissed as a fleeting bit of fun. However, this is more than just a trend to buy into and then discard. There’s a hidden (and sometimes obvious) sustainability here that is based on the principle of recycling, upcycling and using old items and reinterpreting them. This has less to do with “fast fashion” than most trends and that’s surely a positive thing.

Living Room

Industrial chic can be incorporated into any room. It is not restricted to the garage or the hallway. It can be cosy provided it is teamed with softer materials and accessories. The secret is to balance out the tougher industrial items with more feminine ones like delicate flowers, fluffy cushions and soft blankets. Choose a neutral backdrop and wall colour. This is not the time to paint your walls yellow or pink! Anything from white and soft greys to charcoal will work beautifully with this look.

Bailey Sofa

If you are looking to choose a piece of furniture that works with the whole look, stick to pared back and classic pieces like this Bailey Sofa. The fabric and shape have exactly the right combination of simplicity, neutral colours and beautiful, heavy fabric. Add a wool blanket and some fake fur cushions to make it extra cosy and you’ll have the perfect piece to compliment all the rustic and industrial pieces.

Dining Room

Use as many natural materials as possible and let textures shine. Bare brick walls (should you have them) and wood floors go hand in hand with this look. A heavy wood table works extremely well when combined with dark, metal shelving and other metal pieces. Add some pottery items in neutral colours to accessorise whilst doing away with overly frilly items.

Bathroom Shelving

If you’re looking to just add a touch of industrial chic to your existing interior without actually changing your whole decor, then those few items should be bold. Anything half-hearted will “disappear” and lose its impact. Just one stand out piece like a wall shelf made from reclaimed wood and metal pipes against an otherwise simple wall will give your room (bathroom in this case) the wow factor. This shelving will certainly not be overlooked…


When it comes to small touches, don’t forget lighting. I’m afraid the pretty lampshade with the bold flower pattern just won’t do here. Think old-fashioned tungsten lights (new, energy efficient versions are now available) and bold metal fixings. That old Anglepoise with the flaking paint? Now is the time to get it out and proudly display it.


There is no room where this look doesn’t work. Spot the metal cabinet and that small light on the wall in this office. Again, the backdrop is neutral and pared back, the ceiling actually has visible pipes running along, and the old ladder is a nice and practical touch. Everything here looks like it has been acquired for its own merit, not to actively achieve a fashionable look. And that’s another “secret”: Let your instincts guide you. Choose pieces you love without thinking too much whether they will match with the other pieces. If you really like them, the look will come together.