Ideal Home Show 2018: Interview with Louisa Swannell from Walls and Floors

We interviewed Louisa Swannell, the Head of Creative Design at Walls and Floors, at this year’s Ideal Home Show to ask her what her favourite trends of this year are, how they’ve influenced the roomsets this year, and any top style tips that she has to share!

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Which trends for 2018 do you like?

So after the past twelve months, I’ve developed a trend forecasting report for the company, and my favourite trend that’s come about is definitely the art deco trend, and we’ve renamed that as ‘neo-treasures’ on our website. That look is all about taking on a lavish look. So as you can see in the dining room behind me. We’ve used a gold inlay in line with the marble on the floor just so that it accentuates it and it just adds a more opulent look throughout, so that can be really easily achieved, and subtle statement flooring like adding a herringbone design is more beneficial too.

What style advice do your customers ask for?

So one of the most popular questions that we have is what can they pair another tile with, so whether it’s going on the wall or floor. So our trends that we have created online – there are four of them altogether – they each come with a colour palette and you can shop the trend online to pair and mix and match tiles throughout, or you can just simply add a paint colour and uplift your room.

Can you mix and match two different styles of tile together?

Yeah we do a lot of transitional floors, so where you can mix and match hexagons and woodplanks. Or the tiles that are featured in the floor behind, they actually have a white version, and we created a bespoke wet room and it had mix and match floors so it created a bespoke interior.

What are your tips for achieving the interior trends of 2018?

So I believe that to achieve a sort of desired look you do need to draw back to your personal taste.  So whatever trend that you’re going to follow, it’s always important to inject a bit of your own personality. So if you can do that through  particular ornaments and create more of a base with products then that can work too.