Ideal Home Show 2018: Interview with Kate McPhee

We interviewed interior stylist, Kate McPhee, to ask what she thought of this year’s Good Homes roomsets, where she finds inspiration and for her top tips as an expert! She discussed investment pieces, small but effective home updates, and why she loves our velvet Sydney armchair!

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Video Transcription

Where do you look to for inspiration?

As a stylist I take inspiration from everything around me, whether it’s the fashion catwalks, my holidays and my travels, or the little details; things like pavements you see when you’re on holiday, when you go to a new city and you see a new roofing detail – all the tiny little things in life.

What’s your favourite piece in the Family Living Room and why?

So my favourite piece in the living room hands down has to be the peachy orange statement chair. It is so fun and bright and everytime I look at it, it makes me smile!

What’s your favourite piece in the Luxe Dining Room and why?

In the dining room, my hands down favourite is the wooden glass top table. It is such a beautiful investment piece and it’s really the way that you should be spending your money. Think about the big things that you want in your room and then add the accessories and the finishings around that.

How can people make small updates in their home?

To do small updates to your rooms is so easy. You can add a statement chair for some WOW factor. Always buy a neutral sofa and change your cushions regularly. I’ve also seen an increasing trend for putting throws and rugs on the back of sofas so you can add some texture and then six months later, you can replace that with something else.

What trend are you glad to see the end of?

The trend that I think is really dated now is disposable furniture. It’s really important these days that we think about the environment. We’ve got so many designers making furniture that lasts, and everyone should be buying
statement pieces that they love and that are gonna last in their home forever.

What trends for 2018 do you like?

I’m not the biggest believer in trends, per se. They’re important for creating a look, however, I really believe that people should follow their own heart. Experiment for their family, for their partners and their children and find out what they love, and really play with things. So, if you love plants include some faux in with your normal plants. But also, don’t feel frightened and change your schemes when you’re ready.