How To Choose Tiles According To Your Personal Style

Identifying your own tastes when it comes to interior design is not always easy, and it can be hard to know where to get ideas from. We spoke with Louisa-Charlotte Swannell, the Head of Creative Design at Walls and Floors to get her input on personal style, inspiration and how to choose the perfect tiles for your room.

Finding your personal style

Carrara Marble Tile Trend

Source: Carrara by Walls and Floors

In line with the latest interior and lifestyle predictions, clean living, cocooning and maximalism are all on the rise for 2019. However, what suits you and the room in question can often be totally different.

Whilst the ideology of the world encourages us to say yes to more of what we love, for me the most important part of a new interior space is to understand exactly what you need. In an ideal world you need to forget how you currently use the space in question and instead visualise how you would like to use it, otherwise in 6 months’ time you may find yourself redecorating!

Neutral blue bathroom tiles

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Are you looking to create a space to seek sanctuary, keeping the stresses of modern life at bay? Do you want to provide your home with an interior that revitalises you for the day ahead? Or, are you looking for style over substance, to entertain and show off your personality in your desired room? Your decision on this will definitely affect the outcome of your interior, from the colour scheme you choose to the particular style of fixtures and fittings.

Once you have identified and assessed your personal needs you may have a strong idea of what your preferred style is. I would recommend keeping an ideas book to help you become a little more experimental and even discover new products and trends to fall in love with.

Dark marble flooring with light marble wall tiles

Source: Belgravia Matt Abanilla Marble Effect and Natural Polished Carrara Marble by Walls and Floors

For example at Walls and Floors we have over 6,000 tiles available so it can often seem a little daunting just to browse – I would start by flicking through interior & lifestyle magazines such as Good Homes and Grand Designs, and tear out your favourite parts to create an inspirational scrapbook! If you don’t feel you have the time to do this, I recommend both Instagram and Pinterest; not only are they brilliant to search via keywords for inspiration; you can even pin directly from websites or make collections to save you hunting down your favourite products again!

From your mood board, you will be able to narrow down your style and define characteristics of what appeals to you; this method should also allow you to bring colours together and produce a palette with a natural harmony to express the vision for your chosen space much easier.

If your chosen room is used by a household,  for example a dining, kitchen or living area; don’t be deterred from using contemporary, stylish features for all the family to enjoy. Although the design may need to be practical, keeping it desirable is certainly not impossible!

Grey neutral tiles with grey patterned tiles in kitchen

Source: Portobello by Walls and Floors

Alternatively, if your chosen space is purely for yourself, maybe a reading room or home office – it may be your only chance to incorporate some self-indulgent décor into your home.

Incorporating tiles into your design

Now you have identified your style and considered the end use, it’s time to make a shortlist of your ideal products. Try to select key elements first, such as surface for both the floor and wall spaces, then any large pieces of furniture such as tables, cabinets and seating.

BoCoCo Wood Effect Tiles from Walls and Floors

Source: Caramel Varnished Chevron Wood by Walls and Floors

My favourite surface selection for any space is always tiles; not only do tiles stand the test of time they are extremely versatile in both design and application for any room of the home, they can even be used to expand living spaces externally! At Walls and Floors we always recommend purchasing a sample tile, we currently have a free sample service which allows you to select up to 6 full-size sample tiles and have them delivered free of charge to your door!

When it comes to selecting your preferred design it’s important to place the tile in your chosen space taking natural and ambient light into consideration; a tile will look different in both so make sure you’re happy with the colour, tactility and overall quality before you make your final purchase.  At Walls and Floors we also now stock natural grout swatches for our customers to pair up with their preferred tile; for example, many people opt for contrasting grouts with the popular subway tiles but are not sure how it will look with an existing kitchen or bathroom design so this provides the opportunity for something new.

Mixed Metro Tiles

Source: Mixx Metro by Walls and Floors

Sample tiles and grout swatches are also brilliant tools to keep whilst shopping for the rest of your scheme, they allow you to be more mobile pairing up coordinating paint, fabric and accessories to bring your interior (or exterior) together. Remember, a harmonious design is all about the fine details – this is what we form an emotional connection with.

About Louisa-Charlotte Swannell

Louisa is the Head of Creative Design at Walls and Floors. As well as the huge range of tiles that are on offer, Louisa’s wealth of knowledge in all things interior and style will make Walls and Floors your one-stop-shop for your next home update.  

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