Holiday Inspired Interior Ideas

Whether it was a weekend trip to the countryside or a once-in-a-lifetime holiday abroad, we all yearn to bring a little of our holiday destination home. Travel is often inspiring in so many ways – not just for our hearts and minds but for the sights, sounds and tastes we experience when we are away from our own four walls.

White painted tallboy with oak top

Bringing that inspiration home is a wonderful way to create a unique look in our décor. Incorporating a taste of other cultures into our designs can result in a timeless look with elements spanning the miles and will remind us of our holiday destinations, keeping those memories alive.

So, if you have a yearning for the stylish locations you’ve just left behind, banish the post-holiday blues and bring your holiday inspiration home with our top tips.

The Greek Islands

Warm sands, blue skies and natural textures are the rigour for Greece and it’s a look that simply never goes out of style. Consider bringing some of that Aegean Sea air into your home with natural wood and white painted furniture, bright white walls and hints of blue.

oak dining table with matching bench and white painted chairs

Finish the look with lots of natural textures like woven baskets, hand-thrown ceramics and greenery to create your own personal Grecian haven.

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a kitchen with round dining table and bookcase

From the bustling souks to the golden sands, Morocco is a land bursting with colour and texture. Create that bohemian vibe with darker stained furniture and textiles in warm sunny colours and bring that exciting energy in your own home.

light oak chest of drawers against geometric wallpaper

Look out for an eclectic mix of coloured glass, woven wall hangings and bold patterns that echo the look of artisans and finish the look with floor lanterns, large cushions and plenty of hand-made details.

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New York 

Brooklyn Kitchen Table and Chairs

Industrial style is everywhere in the urban landscape of New York, but the popular warehouse look can easily be incorporated into your own home for a taste of city living even if you live in the middle of the countryside. 

Industrial style office

Capture the essence of this style by incorporating metal and natural wood from furniture in our Brooklyn range and bring in stylish accents by way of pop art, leather seating and organic textures. Brick walls, exposed pipes and high ceilings will certainly give this look a more authentic flair but consider instead exposing beams or use wallpaper that mimics the look of brick. 

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British Seaside

White painted tallboy in light washed bedroom

And finally, who doesn’t love to live beside the sea? Even if you’re miles away from the nearest coast, you can bring the look of our own island’s sand and sea to your home with a few simple touches.

Bed and white furniture in neutral bedroom

Let nature be your colour palette with soft greys, blues and whites combining with natural oak furniture to set the scheme and add in clear glass and rustic metal accents alongside watercolour prints and seaside motif patterns. 

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