Halloween Décor You Can Use All Year

Decorating for Halloween allows us to tap into our ‘spooky’ side as the shops are awash with garish throwaway orange and black décor for us to choose from. And whilst you may be considering scouring your local pound shop for décor, we’d like to suggest another way to get in touch with your inner goth.

Octopus stand and glass bowl

Source: Audenza

The Victorians were especially enamoured with the afterlife and what we might now consider the macabre – after all, their Queen wore black as a sign of mourning after her husband’s death for the rest of her life – and it’s from the Victorians that the inspiration for this post came about. Choosing items for your home that are a little bit subversive or eccentric means not only will you be able to join in the celebrations, but you can also continue to use the pieces long after the Halloween season has ended.

Here are just a few favourites, showing you don’t necessarily have to paint every wall of your home black to enjoy the celebrations (unless, of course, you want to!). Simply include a few eccentric pieces to create a fun conversation piece in a room and you may just be tempted to enjoy them even after Halloween has ended.

Dark Victorian

Dark Victorian images

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Embrace the weird and wonderful Victorian era with jewel-toned velvet combined with a black chandelier, a railway clock and a few fun pieces like a cobra candleholder, shimmering beetle ornament or an eccentric cat mug.

Macabre Minimalist

macabre minimalist collage

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You certainly don’t have to take style cues from the Victorians to get in on the fun. Look for pieces in black like our Maddox modular sofa and Kindi table lamp which echo a more contemporary style. I especially love the artwork here as well as the ‘seeing eye’ cushion but if you really want to take it to the next level, Graham & Brown’s Skulls wallpaper could be a great way to permanently embrace the season.


Eerie Eclectic

Eerie eclectic collage of images

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And finally, allow a bit of eccentricity into your home with animal print cushions on our Abbey sofa along with Octopus accessories, black marble coasters and a floral skull poster. Our black-faced clock and unusual vase will complete the look.