Greenery: How To Fill Your Home With This Must-Have Trend

So, Pantone’s Colour of the year for 2017 is called Greenery. And yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s a kind of green and, it has to be said, a very eye-catching one at that. At first glance, this might, admittedly, not be for the shy or faint-hearted, but there are ways to incorporate this punchy colour into a home even if you’re usually more of a neutrals kind of person. In a way, green (even this one) could even be viewed as a classic, after all, trees and plants are green and we don’t really tire of seeing those around. Green is the colour of hope and happiness, and will add freshness wherever applied.


Now, if you’re “into” bright colours and this one particularly takes your fancy, then you could of course go ahead and paint your entire kitchen with it. After all, it’s not dissimilar to limes and a stunningly fresh statement. Especially with Spring just around the corner, a bold choice like this will definitely get you into the right mood for the upcoming sunny seasons.


You might, however, look for a more subtle way to incorporate Greenery into your home. Just as with everything else, whilst we might really like a colour, we might not want it to overwhelm us on a daily basis. In this case, you’d be looking to add touches to your existing colour scheme. Possibly the most natural and healthiest way to do this is by adding plants. Not only are they completely on trend anyway, but choosing the ones in “the right shade” of green will straight away add Greenery as a colour to your home – albeit in the most natural way.


Greenery also lends itself really well as a colour for soft furniture. A splash of brightness will benefit most rooms and the fact that it has been declared the colour of the year doesn’t mean it can’t become a classic in your home. If you’re currently looking to replace your sofa, then a ever so slightly more subtle variation of Greenery will look really fresh without looking out of place against a neutral backdrop.


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Alternatively you might look to just have a few small accessories in this specific colour, you know, to give a nod to the trend without going overboard. Cushions are always a favourite of mine when it comes to updating a look without spending tons of money or being too committed. After all, they’re the easiest thing to change if you are getting a little tired of them after a while. Stash them away over winter and bring them back out next spring, that way you’ll always be able to update your home according to season.


Of course you’re not limited to cushions alone. There are now so many fun and chic accessories out there in this fab colour that make it really easy to add a splash of Greenery to any room of the house.


So, are you inspired yet? I’m sure once the sun comes out for more than half a day, this colour will be just the right thing to refresh your home and give you that happy spring feeling!