Goodbye Millennial Pink, Hello Gen-Z Yellow

A couple of years ago, a soft shade of blush pink was deemed the colour of an entire generation. The term ‘Millennial Pink’ was coined by journalists but the soft and easy hue was adopted by the masses as rose-tinted Instagram themes, blush pink décor, clothing, accessories and homeware made it one of the most popular colours of the last few years. And while we don’t think its popularity as a trend has finished, there’s another colour that’s making waves – a bright sunshine hue deemed ‘Gen-Z Yellow’.

What is Gen-Z Yellow?

Bevel dining set

Bevel Large Dresser

The colour, once again, has been defined by the generation hot on the heels of Millennials. Whether Generation Z (those born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s) will adopt their colour mascot in the same way that Millennials did (this remains to be seen), but one thing is for sure – It’s a more divisive colour than our favourite gender-fluid pink has seemed to be. While blush pink feels universally flattering and mixes quietly and easily with other shades, the bold zing of Gen-Z yellow is loud, brash and hard to ignore.

Can Gen-Z Yellow Be Used in Our Homes?

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Jasmine Linen Armchair & Jasmine Bamboo Spice Accent Chair

As a result, it may seem a bit harder to incorporate it into our home décor. Yellow is a bit of a ‘marmite’ colour – many love it but nearly just as many would prefer to stay far away from the shade, despite the fact it’s been used in design for decades. The Victorians’ choose the sunny shade for their morning dresses; in the 70s, mustard yellow was all the rage, and in the 80’s, we saw neon yellow become one of the iconic shades of the decade.

Today, the innate positivity of a bright and joyous yellow may resonate with a generation growing up in tumultuous times, but it’s certainly not only Gen-Z that loves it.

colourful living room set

Jasmine Armchair, Jasmine Footstool & Tokyo CD Storage Unit

In fact, a bright yellow can bring joy to just about any room in the home. It’s the colour of sunshine, of spring, of happiness. Choosing to bring a dash of cheery sunshine into your décor may not be as difficult as you might think.

Decorating with Yellow Accents

Alto bedroom range

Alto Double Wardrobe, Alto Bedside Table, Alto Bed & Alto Tallboy

One of the simplest ways to incorporate a bit of Gen-Z Yellow into your home is through decorative accessories. Use a neutral base for your walls and furniture, but create impact with things like cushions, vases, books or artwork to bring a bit of the warmth of yellow into your décor.

This is an easy way to play with colour if you feel less confident, as it means it’s easy to switch out later on if you feel it’s not quite right for you, or if you are ready to try something a little different.

Using Yellow in the Living Room

Alto living room range

Alto Coffee Table, Alto Console Table, Alto Bookcase & Maddox Modular Sofa

While we may not immediately think of yellow as a colour for our living rooms, it can bring a delightful optimism into your most lived-in spaces. Again, the trick here is not to overwhelm the senses by plastering this bright hue everywhere.

Once again, look to your accessories to provide a pop of colour – from cushions to ceramics, a cosy patterned rug or even a pot of bright yellow blooms. Use the same saturation in a few areas throughout the space for a cohesive and relaxed look.

Decorating with Yellow Walls

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Gainsborough Sofa

If you’d like to use yellow paint colours on your walls, consider a mix-and-match approach to ensure that the yellow doesn’t overpower the room. Psychologically, too much yellow can cause negative feelings such as anxiety or irrationality, so it needs to be tempered with some softer hues to create the perfect balance.

Ideal home show bedroom set

St Ives Chest of Drawers

We love it mixed with that other generational favourite – blush pink. The two tones as seen in the image above create a warm mix that’s perfect for just about any space. Get creative with your walls by using painters’ tape to mark off the areas you wish for each colour and try out different saturations of the same tone for a creative look.

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