Get The Look: California Boho

Yes! The days are getting longer, the sun is (at least occasionally, we do live in the UK after all) out, we can pack away our winter woollies and make travel plans. Or, in the absence of big travel plans, we can at least breathe some fresh decorating air into our homes.

Fresh in the sense that maybe (just maybe!) we can rethink those dark and heavy winter blankets – the grey cushions, the drab wall colour and the uninspiring (or at least distinctively un-summery) accessories we might have amassed in a bid to create a cosy winter home. I’m not saying you should throw away half of your home’s content (though decluttering can be a good place to start), but store seasonal items away and add some touches that are more fitting for this time of the year.



So, in the absence of travel plans to far-flung, sunny places, how about bringing that feeling into our homes? If there’s one look that truly sums up those summer vibes, it’s the one commonly known as “California boho”. I know, it sounds a little contrived, but the look certainly isn’t. This is all about fun, colour, pattern, casual and natural materials, and a welcoming atmosphere. Cushions, rugs and throws in multiple colours are the staples for this look and will quickly transform your home into a sunny and happy place.



When I’m talking colour, it doesn’t mean you should go totally overboard. Keep the backdrop neutral and add the colour with accessories (yes, those aforementioned cushions and rugs) that can be swapped around and exchanged when you feel like it. Layering multiple throws on your sofa is another way to add to that casual feel. And, yes, it’s that 70s throwback – anything macramé is having a huge revival and works really well with that look.



If you’re thinking this look is a little “student-y” and not quite grown-up enough, think again. Colourful cushions and rugs can easily be incorporated into a formal setting and will lighten it up a little. Keeping your furniture arranged at right angles gives the formal look whilst the accessories can be dotted around to achieve a little more playfulness.


Desert Home

Plants! With a capital ‘P’! Yes, you will need to have some plants at home for this look and that’s not a bad thing, right? After all, plants contribute to cleaning the air within our homes, so they do have a very practical use as well as an aesthetic one. If there’s something like an “it” plant for this look, it’s the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, which looks gorgeous but isn’t unfortunately the easiest one to care for. Group as many plants together as you can handle and don’t forget to hang some in macramé hanging planters.


Global Collections

Global collections are another way to add to this look. Metal teapots from Morocco, fabrics from South America, shells from the Cornwall coast, an eclectic mix of hand collected items to display adds personality and fun to this look.



Accessorise with as many natural materials as possible whilst keeping things mixed up. So, whilst the backdrop remains fairly neutral, you can pile on the natural materials in all sorts of colours. Baskets, cowhides, linens, crystals, metals – it all goes! If you’re worried about the look getting a little to chaotic, then decide upfront what your favourite colours are and use those as a starting point. Red? Use accessories with different shades of red. Blue? Same again. Break up the colours with neutrals to give it a little bit of a calm and relaxed feel.


Need any more sunshine inspiration? Our guide to holiday decor at home should have you feeling summery in no time!

Wishing you all a sunny day!