Dining room essential…

The other day I was doing some research into living rooms and their main components. Well, it is important for me to get these details right when styling a shoot as it could all go wrong if a component is missing. Anyway, I swiftly got sidetracked by the different styles and interpretations of the term dining room and thought it might be a nice idea to simply share some of the rooms I found. Surely, I can’t be the only person to get inspired and finds it interesting to snoop around some fabulous interiors?

Industrial with Tolix

This one is just fab! The heavy industrial look has been made a little more fun and lighthearted by the addition of colourful chairs. Admittedly, the room is huge and, clearly, so is the table. However, this look can easily be adapted to a smaller space without losing its impact. Dark colours, rough materials and metal are the main components to make this look work.

Mid Century

How about a little mid century chic? Doesn’t that look fabulous in its pared back simplicity? You might also notice the prominence of the sideboard here. In fact this is one of the items of furniture that you will find in pretty much every dining room. After all, all those plates, glasses and napkins do have to go somewhere, right? Anyway, if you’re looking to create this kind of look but don’t want to completely refurbish your home, then look out for accessories like vases, bowls and even prints from flea markets or charity shops.

Chalk Board

This one is less about the dining room overall and more about the accessories and storage. This one really does highlight the sideboard, but also the large chalk board. Wouldn’t it be fab to write the evening’s menu on it when you have guests over?


This one is a beautiful example of Scandinavian style. Light, bright, not too colourful and with natural elements and materials. Admittedly, a large and light flooded space does help, but even if your home is on the smaller side, just painting your floorboards white would go a long way towards this look. I particularly like the mix of accessories here: a little modern, a little vintage (the candle holder on the table) and a touch of world traveler chic. A pretty good mix I’d say.


This one is completely different: here the overall style is pure vintage with worn furniture, cosy cushions and layered accessories. With autumn on its way, I can see this one being fairly popular for spending rainy evenings in. Solid wood pieces are of course key for this look as well as muted colours.

So, what’s your style? Maybe it’s none of the above? Whatever your personal favourite look is, I think the main elements will always remain the same: a table, some chairs, a sideboard and then add some accessories. The rest is up to your own taste.

Carole x