How to Decorate with Plants

There was a time not long ago when house plants were unfashionable.  But like all good trends, things are cyclical and it was only a matter of time before we started adding greenery into our homes again.  If there’s any trend for 2014 that I really think everyone should at least have a try at, it’s this one.

Decorating with Plants

Not only can it be incredibly affordable, you can mix and match things like pots and planters to give an eclectic feel or use them with vignettes of books, candles and smaller objects to create some wonderful display areas in your home.

Decorating with Plants

It doesn’t matter the room – in fact every room can do with a big of greenery.  And even if you fear you have a black thumb, with a bit of persistence, some research and a little commitment, there’s no reason you can’t overcome your fear of owning plants.

However, there are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to consider this trend.

Scale your plants to the size of your room or space

If your room is large or has high ceilings, a large plant will fill the space nicely.

fiddle leaf fig

In a smaller vignette, a grouping of smaller plants will not overpower the space and make it look like a part of a whole.

succulents on coffee table

Mix leaf types for a creative display

If you are creating a large display of house plants like in the example below, you want to ensure you have lots of different textures. So mix large leaf plants (like the fiddle leaf figs below) with smaller leafed plants, ones that trail (like Ivy or Spider plants) and those with more angular leaves (like the Snake plant).  A great mix will give you a more interesting look!

variety of houseplants

Use plants to add height to a vignette

When creating any vignette or display area in your home, varying height and adding texture are key to a beautiful look.  Use your plants to add height to a display and give it an organic feel.  It’s a simple trick employed by stylists that can work just as well in your own home.

plant vignette

plants add height

Contrast the leaf types to the style of the room

If you have quite a contemporary interior with lots of straight lines and angles, adding plants will soften the look.

contrast leaf types on house plants

Or you may want to use plants with angular leaves to bring structure into a room that has a more feminine style.

plant vignette

And finally… Do your research on the plants you own!

If you know what kind of plants you are buying, then protect that investment with just a little bit of research. Knowing how much light and water a plant needs is paramount to keeping your plants looking lush and lovely. It’s a small commitment for how much beauty they add to your room!

Will you be bringing in the outdoors this year and adding a few house plants?