Creative Ideas for Open Storage in the Kitchen

One of the most popular looks for kitchens over the last couple of years has been incorporating some kind of open storage. While I know open storage can sometimes split opinion simply for the fact it requires a little more diligence in keeping things clean and tidy, I feel the benefits in terms of practicality and aesthetics far outweigh any minor inconvenience in putting things back where you found them!

I’ve incorporated open storage in my own kitchen (seen below) and I adore the look. It really adds so much personality to a kitchen and creates areas which can show off your prettiest dishes, mugs, glasses and serve wear instead of hiding them away. It’s also convenient as everything is within easy reach – one glance and you can see exactly where everything is instead of rooting through various cupboards to find a gravy bowl or your favourite set of dishes.


But there are so many different ways you can incorporate open storage into a kitchen and today, I wanted to show you a few ways that you can really change up the look of open storage to suit your own kitchen style.

It really doesn’t make any difference just how small or large your space is because you can build in areas of storage depending upon how much space you actually have. A long shelf built right into the architecture of a room is a great way to use an awkward expanse of space.


For a large open kitchen (lucky you!), I love the option of a full wall of storage. In this example, plumbing pipes and stained wood shelving create a wonderful industrial display against metro tiles.


But even in a small kitchen, a few shelves is really all you need for a creative display.


Obviously, it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to incorporate open storage. Simple shelving and brackets are really all you need which can be purchased or made inexpensively – the impact is still fantastic.


If you are considering a more contemporary look, then a simple shelf under your kitchen cupboards is a great way to incorporate open storage, keeping the look streamlined and unfussy.


If you are going for something more rustic, then why not consider using reclaimed wood for old-world charm? I love how the peeling paint really adds an additional dimension to this kitchen which looks as though it’s been collected over time.


So as you can see, it really doesn’t matter whether your style is more contemporary, rustic, industrial or glam or whether your kitchen is large or more petite, open storage can suit just about any kitchen.

Do you have open storage in your kitchen and what style do you like best? I’d love to hear from you!