Create A Cosy Winter Armchair Space This Winter

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking: “Armchair? Ugh, pass me the slippers grandma!” But that’s not really completely true. I’m deliberately saying “not completely” because of course I remember my grandparents each sitting in their very own armchair and of course I know that there’s the potential to fall into the “old and stuffy” trap. However, there’s something so cosy and comfy about having the right armchair, curling up in it with a good book and drinking a hot cup of tea that any thoughts of “being too young for this” will quickly vanish.

Oak Furniture Land has a great range of sofas and armchairs available here – but we’re not here to tell you which is the armchair for you! Read on to find out how to cosy up the snuggliest of armchairs for winter…

Willow Armchair

It’s really all about context: it’s about the style of armchair and it’s about the “right” accessories. It’s a good idea to start with a squishy armchair in a neutral colour and take it from there (how about our Marseille armchair in beige?). Of course you could also go for wild patterns, but if you’re unsure about how to incorporate it into your existing decor, then it’s better to stay on slightly safer ground. So, now to make it “winter cosy”.

Sheepskin Rugs

Whether you actually own a wood burner or not, there’s no reason why you can’t add some nordic winter style to your armchair. Real or fake, some sheepskin won’t just keep your feet warm, it can also keep your back really cosy and transform the whole look of the armchair.


Next, of course, are cushions and blankets. A warm woolly blanket is an absolute winter must to keep warm on cold evenings, but not only that: it will also make your chair look dressed. Whilst velvet cushions are an obvious choice for this time of the year, really heavy linen also works very nicely when combined with softer fabrics. You could match the cushions to the style of your chair, but the one thing you might want to stay away from are pastel florals – they’re just not right for┬áthe colder months.


Now, it’s generally the obvious choice to place your armchair in the living room, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only choice. Space permitting, a comfy chair in the bedroom is one of those things that seem like a little luxury. Since the bedroom is often the one space where we might get some rest from a busy family life, it makes complete sense to have a comfy chair there to chill and read in peace.

Mid Century

So, I’m assuming that by now you’re convinced that an armchair is the way to go for some snuggly quiet time, right? Now you will of course need to make your choice as to what style, fabric, colour, size… Ah yes, the possibilities are nearly endless. From mid-century cool to cosy country and everything in-between, there’s an armchair out there for everybody (with or without slippers) and it’s of course important to find the right one. It’s important to invest in a chair doesn’t only fit in with your decor, but is also comfortable. It will depend on your size and height, on an problems you might have (back?) and whether you might share the chair with somebody who might not be able to get up as easily as you. You will also need to consider the overall size of the chair and where it will fit into your room. Last but not least, consider your lifestyle when it comes to fabric choices. Whilst a velvet covered armchair is a thing of beauty, it might not be very practical if you have young children or pets.

I hope you like these tips and are looking forward to spending some quality time curled up in your very own armchair!