How to Create a Cosy Nook

Nook (noun): a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security

If the weather is anything to go by, then we’re fast heading for autumn, long evenings, rain and blustery winds. The time of the year when all we want to do is cosy up in a corner with a hot cup of tea and a good book. It then makes sense to create such a cosy little corner. Given that a lot of UK homes are a little on the small side (you know, by European and US standards) and every corner needs to be utilised, it makes sense build right into these corners or at least make the most of them in any way possible. This is where a cosy nook is perfect.

Source: Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

A cosy nook is the perfect place to retreat to when we need to unwind from the day and crave a little alone time. Whilst it’s perfectly feasible to fit two people into a nook, it’s more often than not seen as a small hideaway for one. To give it that hideaway feel, you can utilise spaces which might otherwise be redundant. The room that seems to gather all sorts of items we don’t know what to do with under the stairs is a great example. Ok, if you rely on it to store your vacuum cleaner and ironing board, then that might not be the most practical solution, but I know from personal experience that whenever I’ve had such a space, I’ve miraculously managed to fill it up with things that I’d then never use again.

Source: Photo by Martin May on Unsplash

Attics are another great space to create a nook. The sloping walls lend themselves particularly well to creating a cosy hideaway. You don’t have to go all out rustic and the colour scheme does of course completely depend on your own taste. However, natural materials do help a lot when it comes to creating a warm atmosphere. So, I would certainly advise against anything too cool and minimalist.

Source: Photo by Kevin Fitzgerald on Unsplash

Lighting is all important when it comes to creating a relaxed atmosphere. Nobody can enjoy a cosy evening with harsh overhead lighting. Small light sources, candles and/or fairy lights are perfect for this little space. The right light will create the right setting even if the space might not be absolutely ideal. The same goes for lots of cushions and a comfy blanket. After all, nobody wants to be cold when reading.

You could of course take a completely different direction and have a small “tent” within your home to hide away in. Swathes of fabric suspended from the ceiling can create a room within a room. The size would depend entirely on the size of your room and your personal preference and can be customised accordingly. This is also a lovely addition to a child’s room for either play or rest time.

Of course not all nooks require building works. You can create a cosy corner with just a few elements like a cosy chair, a small lamp, some natural accessories, layered rugs and of course books. A fireplace does undoubtedly help, but if that’s not an option, then a few candles are a good option.