How to Create a Cosy Country Kitchen

There’s a timeless appeal to a country kitchen that really never goes out of style. While sleek, contemporary kitchens may look great for a short while, it’s the more traditional kitchens which remind us of our childhood homes, or that of our grandparents and fill us with nostalgia.  It’s funny how the smell of a roast dinner or the tantalising scent of baking cookies can bring us right back to simpler times – when it didn’t matter if things were a little chaotic or busy or there was flour on the floor or crayons scattered across the table.  And so the appeal of a country kitchen remains and will probably always be a classic choice for many home owners wanting to bring a bit of warmth into their homes.

But how do you bring a bit of ‘country’ into a kitchen and give it that comfortable warmth that makes them so appealing?  Well, here are a few tips to give you some ideas if this is a look you’d like to try in your own home.

Paint your cabinets

A simple paint job can make your kitchen look stylish and modern whilst still retaining country charm by using soft blues or greens for your cabinets. It’s also a great way to give a kitchen an uplift without having to replace tired cabinets.


Install a butlers sink

This classic choice for traditional kitchens never dates and can work in more modern country settings too.


Add Butcher block worktops

If you are the type of person who loves to see the perfection in imperfection, then butcher block worktops could suit.  They are simple to care for – regular oiling keeps them looking fantastic – but many will admit to loving the scuffs and marks they develop along the way.


Hang some plates

Both practical and pretty, using a display case to create a beautiful vignette with your own patterned and plain plates will create a casual look, just perfect for country style kitchens.  It also lets you enjoy your prettiest plates every day without necessarily having to use them!


Hang your pots

The traditional or country kitchen just begs for pots and pans to be hung overhead. This makes them easy to find, rather than taking up precious cupboard space and looks fantastic as well.


Add an oak table for farmhouse appeal

If you are lucky enough to have an eat-in kitchen, then why not consider a stunning oak table to bring country appeal into your home? Everyone knows that the hub of the house is normally the kitchen and this is where people tend to gravitate when entertaining. So embrace the warmth of the kitchen and consider adding a table so everyone can enjoy the most social room in the house.



Do you love the look of a country kitchen? Do you have one? What do you do to make the most of yours? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Kimberly x