Create a Calm Home Even With Kids

Grey Corner sofa with geometric rug

We could all do with a little more serenity at home, especially if it’s the epicentre of your busy family life. If you’re looking for ways to cool down the chaos of your home, you may want to opt for a calming design scheme – here’s how to achieve one.

Keep clutter at bay

Scandi style oak tv stand in minimal living room

Organisation is an obvious yet incredibly effective way to create calm in your home as it reduces stress and lowers angst and anxiety. Have a home for everything, be it a blanket box for kids toys or a TV unit that hides away the messy wires of the games consoles. And make sure everything you organise is conveniently located: this means it’s more likely to be put back where it belongs when the user is done with it.

Thoughtfully arrange your furniture

Grey Sofa with Botanical themed cushions

Composition is key and, along the same lines of organising your belongings with convenience in mind, the way you display your furniture will also contribute to the ethos that everything has a home and proper place. Especially if your home is open plan, you’ll want to section your home into ‘zones’ – designated areas for watching TV, dining, playing, etc. This contributes to a relaxing atmosphere as you know where you can sit back, relax and forget about the dirty dishes.

Create a highly sociable communal area with your seating arrangement by grouping your sofa with coordinated armchairs, loveseats or accent chairs. The complementary upholstery will create a cohesive look that’s highly satisfying to look at.

Choose your colour palette wisely

Modern white matching bedroom furniture

When you think ‘calming home design’, your mind may automatically be drawn to soothing blues and tonal greys. While these colours are certainly calming, it’s more about how well colours come together that creates the serene effect.

Keep your colour palette minimal but with plenty of interest, adding textual differences in your rugs, pillows and other soft furnishings. Or pair your colours of choice with furniture from our Hove, St Ives or Kemble ranges – you’ll love their smooth painted finish and their welcome mix of traditional and contemporary style. These core colours will provide a subtle yet welcome contrast to whatever shade you put at the centre of your home design, be it upbeat or a bit more subdued.

Consider how sound travels

living room with blue and white coastal colour scheme

It’s your weekend too, not just the kids’, and you’ll want to put in some time for respite on your days off. Thinking about the acoustics of your home will help keep loud noises to a minimum. Good insulation is recommended, but to prevent the bounce of sound add plenty of soft furnishings and natural woods instead of anything metallic or plastic.

Embrace nature

a kitchen with round dining table and bookcase

On the topic of natural woods, design inspired by the great outdoors will automatically bring a certain restfulness into your home. Incorporate natural wood furniture into your home, be that from our Oakdale, Bevel or Oslo range and enhance the space with natural accents, be this anything from softly scented amber candles and fresh potpourri to an urban jungle of houseplants. If you’re concerned about little hands reaching for delicate or hazardous items, keep them out of eye-line, high up or in a cabinet which isn’t easy to open.

Let plenty of light in

Bed and white furniture in neutral bedroom

Whether it’s illuminating shadowy corners with a lamp or arranging your central pieces of furniture so they face a stream of natural light, kids won’t thrive in a home that’s dark and gloomy. If your rooms scrimp on space, dot mirrors around your walls to allow the light to bounce around and create an illusion of easy-breezy spaciousness.

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