Is a Corner Sofa Right for Your Home?

What do you think of when you consider your “perfect” sofa?  Somewhere comfy to relax?  Something the whole family (and sometimes the pets) can clamour on to? Something hard-wearing that stays looking great for years to come?

All of these things – beauty, comfort, style, practicality and quality come into play when choosing the right sofa for your space.  So would a corner sofa be right for your home and your family?  Well, perhaps today I can convince you that a corner sofa could be the one to tick all the boxes.

Now you don’t necessarily have to have a large space to accommodate a corner sofa.  The L-shape suits corners well and so takes the place of perhaps two separate sofas and a chair.  All your seating is in one, leaving your living room space to breathe.  In this smaller living room, the pale corner sofa creates comfort and style whilst providing plenty of extra seating.  Check out our Gower sofa range for a similar look in white.

White corner sofa


If white is too impractical for your lifestyle, then grey is definitely the new black.  A simple style with rounded arms will work in nearly any decorating scheme and in our next example, gives a space a modern country touch.  Have a look at the Denver range which comes in Grey Barley, a wonderful fabric perfect for busy family life.

Pale grey corner sofa


If you entertain frequently or just want somewhere to stretch out comfortably, then a corner sofa can be just what you need.  The style is just made for relaxation and invites you to unwind and stay a while.  Our Dakota corner sofas come with plain cushions so you can mix and match cushion styles to create your own eclectic look.

Cream corner sofa



If you are feeling a little brave, then consider adding a mix of patterns to your corner sofa.  Neutrals are a great base upon which to build an eclectic space with a vibrant unexpected colour mix.  Our next example uses this trick to add interest through the use of peaches against a deep plum.  Our Zest combi unit in soft mink would look fantastic with colours opposite in the colour wheel.  For more tips on using colours, see my article here.

Corner sofa in mink


I hope my post today shows how a corner sofa can really anchor an entire space with colour, style and practicality.  Have a look at all our gorgeous corner sofas right here and do let me know in the comments if this is something you’d consider for your own home!