Christmas tree styles to suit your home

It’s December and with that one of my very favourite times of the year: Christmas time. The scent of mulled wine and freshly baked biscuits. Christmas songs on the radio and lights along streets. Candle light and cosy evenings. It’s a magical time, don’t you think?

Of course it’s also the time to think about the tree. The tree is the centrepiece of any home at Christmas and will therefore have to fit in with the rest of your interior. So, what does your home look like? Cool and monochrome, simple Scandinavian chic or rustic? Whichever it is, there is a tree to fit it and I thought I’d give you some ideas and maybe a little bit of inspiration.

The natural option is possibly the easiest one to fit into any home and looks particularly beautiful with painted furniture like the St Ives range. Key to this look is a real tree, an artificial one will just not do in this case. The smell of a real tree is as important as the decorations and will add to the natural feel. As for the decorations, no bright colours here. Lights should be kept white and static. Think of pine cones, small ornaments made from brown paper and straw (remember those pretty straw stars?) and a tree stand hidden by a large basket or a galvanised bucket. This look is pared back, simple and cosy.

If you fancy something a little more playful, but can’t face the full Victorian treatment, then the Scandinavian style is probably what you’re looking for. The charming folk style combines classic reds, greens, greys and whites with natural touches and playful elements like little reindeers. This look will most likely appeal to you if your home has a very light, fresh and clean feel with lots of white. Well chosen and strikingly simple pieces of furniture which compliment the look like theĀ Mantis Small SideboardĀ are best suited to your home and this look and adding some large pillar candles to the sideboard will complete the look.

This is probably the most striking look: Black and white. Yes, this is one of those looks where an artificial tree does actually come in handy. The monochrome look is not for the faint-hearted as it really makes a statement. It’s cool, contemporary, less playful than any other look and verges on geometrical. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun at all. A tree adorned with baubles which have been painted with chalkboard paint and have individual guests’ names written on them gives the whole look a slightly more personal feel. This look is perfect if you’re a fan of black and white photography, if your walls are white and you like to serve the cheese at the end of your dinner on a simple slate board. It’s a sophisticated look which your guests are certain to remember.

Last, but by no means least, there is of the traditional look. This is of course an all time favourite for a very good reason. It brings back childhood memories, it has a Victorian feel to it and nothing really says ‘Christmas’ like an 8-foot tree full of sparkle and red and gold baubles. This tree works in all homes (ok, maybe not if you’re into the very industrial look) because it doesn’t ask to fit in. It will proudly stand surrounded by presents and shine in all its christmassy glory. This is the one for the person who really loves Christmas, the carols, the turkey and all the madness that goes with this festive season. Hang it full with baubles, paper chains, strings of popcorn, and coloured lights. This is not one for the minimalist and going over the top is a basic requirement for this look. Enjoy!

So, this is my roundup of Christmas tree styles. I hope that I might have inspired you and that you will have found one to suit your home. If, however, your style is completely different, why not leave a comment? Wishing you lots of fun decorating.