Bring some Spring into your home and display seasonal blooms

Now that Spring has finally arrived, it’s time to bring some of the colours and blooms into our homes to cheer them up. Out go the wintery greys and after a Spring clean it’s time to reward ourselves for the hard work by adding something fresh and pretty. Some of the flowers which are now in bloom are the following:

Daffodils are the first narcissi to appear in early spring and their happy yellow colour is very much associated with Spring and Easter. Also yellow, but with much smaller blooms on long branches is Forsythia. These look especially nice when displayed in very long and tall vases. Anemone is a delicate (often white) blossom with a starry centre and looks beautiful as a bouquet. If you like the idea of having bulbs for a display, then Hyacinths are the ones to bring colour as well as a lovely scent into your home. Lily of the Valley also give off a beautiful scent and the pretty, little, white flowers have a Victorian and romantic feel to them. After all, it’s no coincidence that they are so often chosen for wedding bouquets. Of course there’s also the tulip. Flowering in many different colours, tulips look lovely, understated and classic.

So, once you’ve chosen your favourite flowers, how about some fun ways to display them?

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

If you’re aiming for a really Spring-fresh look, why not paint a small table or stool to match your favourite flowers? Of course it would also work the other way round and you could buy flowers to match the colour of your sofa or your cushions. Hyacinths and tulips come in a variety of colours and can be matched to your look.

Photo by K8 on Unsplash

Think about some different and fun ways to display your flowers. Get creative by hanging them in tiny bottles, putting them into egg cups, or using colourful mugs as vases. Anything goes really, as long as it’s colourful, unusual and fun.

Photo by Sandy85 on Unsplash

When tying a bouquet, don’t rely on some cheap elastic band. Something like simple parcel string is an effective way to give the flowers a rustic look. Another pretty way to jazz up a bunch of flowers is to use colourful ribbons, some lace, a discarded bead bracelet or some torn off fabric scraps. Let your imagination run wild, just leave enough of the stems clear at the bottom to be able to put the flowers into water.

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

Bulbs are of course generally used in the garden. However, displayed in a pretty glass bowl, they bring a feel of the countryside into the home. There’s something very natural and down to earth about having flowers like hyacinths displayed with the bulbs and when put next to cut flowers, they contrast nicely with the clear water in vases.

Photo by James Cousins on Unsplash

If you’re looking for a pretty table display, why not try bottles instead of the usual vases. A collection of bottles in different heights and colours arranged in a line along the middle of the table looks casual and pretty and is perfect for a Sunday brunch. A solution that gives the impression of having a larger bunch of flowers but remains fun and casual is to tie together several small bottles and put just a few flowers in each.

I hope this has given you some fresh and colourful ideas for Spring and I hope you will enjoy many colourful flowers in your home. If you have some unusual ways of displaying flowers, why not tell us about them?