Bold Colour Inspiration to Help Energise Your Home

We know that introducing colour into our homes is one of the easiest ways to inject personality and vibrancy into our interiors. The bolder and more saturated the hue, the livelier our spaces become but how much is too much and where should we be using it?

White painted furniture with geometric rugFrom the boldest blues to vibrant plums, rich tangerine to emerald green, we have plenty of ideas to bring energy and life to your home with our top tips.

Where Can Bold Colours Be Used in the Home?

Urban Style Bedroom with Green Wall

Of course, there are no definitive right and wrong answers to where and when you can use colour. After all, if it’s your home you should do what makes you happy. However, bright colours carry with it a unique energy and so you’ll want to be careful of colour psychology as you plan your space.

Most of us have some understanding that colour has the power to change the feel of a space. A soft tranquil blue bedroom will have a much different feel to a zingy yellow kitchen. So, you may want to take into consideration how certain shades bring specific moods into your room.

Red Wall, fireplace, abstract art

If you are itching to use a bold shade or two in your home, think about where you’d like to create vibrancy and energy. A living room in a vivid red will feel warm and energising, creating a comforting space to open and encourage conversation.

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Living room with geometric flooringIn your home office, consider a bold shade of yellow which is said to encourage creativity or bright blue to give you clarity and focus.

a hallway with terracotta paint,While a bright tangerine orange may overpower a space, consider using it as a bold feature wall in your entrance hallway to liven your guests and create a fantastic first impression.

How to Mix and Match Bold Colours

If you love the idea of a vibrant mix and match effect, you’ll want to be sure to choose colours that share a similar saturation. 

oak bedroom furniture in purple bedroom

Jewel tones look especially opulent with deep aubergine, teal blues, emerald green or rich raspberry shades combining for an altogether elegant affair.

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Grey armchair against a sorbet geometric feature wall

Paler sorbet shades can also be combined to create a lively and exciting mix with a few brighter shades thrown in smaller doses to give your space additional impact or a focal point.

Floral wallpaper contrasting pink wall and sofa with bright accessories

Of course, with bold design, rule-breaking is always an option. Consider an exotic wallpaper contrasted with bold paint colours and punchy accessories to create an eclectic look of your own. 

Using Bold Colours in Your Furniture and Accessories

While bright hues can look fantastic splashed on the walls, there may be times when too much colour can be over-stimulating, but you still would love vitality in your space.

Wood Chest of Drawers in colourful bedroom

Consider using softer neutrals or white on your walls and create pockets of interest using colours in your accessories, furniture or artwork. From a bright splash of cushions on your sofa to a vibrant accent chair, these smaller touches are easier to live with and easier to change when you’d like a new look.