Best looking storage – baskets

Storage seems to be one of those things we’re always short of. Be it for shoes, scarves and gloves, magazines and paperwork, fruit and veg, unless you live in a large space with walls full of cupboards and a massive kitchen wall with a vast amount of cabinets, there will always be some sort of shortage. There are also always items that we might not actually want to store away from view. Items we use on a daily basis where it would simply be impractical to not have them to hand. So we need easily accessible storage solutions which – ideally – don’t cost the earth and look good.

Ham Cross

Enter: the basket! One of my favourite storage solutions which I use throughout the house. I like the way a basket (or two or three) can be incorporated into any interior, be it rustic or modern. I like the natural look and feel and the designs ranging from country style or minimalist to tribal. And of course I like all the things they can hold and that they will fit into any room. So I thought I’d share a few ways in which a basket will help you get organised at home.

An entrance is one of those areas where I find baskets to be really beneficial. Be it for shoes, umbrellas, scarves or – like here – wooden logs, it’s one of those places where family members seem to somehow think it’s ok to just dump their belongings…well, it is in my experience, anyway.


Bathrooms are another place where small items often gather and need a place to be stored within easy reach. Now, I’m personally not a huge fan of magazines and books in the bathroom, but a basket is nonetheless a great solution for keeping these tidy. It’s also useful if you can’t (for whatever reason) drill into the walls to put up shelving.


This is one from my home: the “cable basket”. Laptop cable, phone cable, light cable, some sort of tv cable, charger cables…you name it, they’ve all ended up under my desk creating a mess. Cables are every interior designer’s and stylist’s nightmare and whilst they’re of course still sticking out of the basket, at least the big mess on the floor is taken care of.


A beautiful summer solution for the patio and winter solution for inside is to put your most beautiful plants into baskets. You will obviously need a waterproof container inside the basket, but having your plants displayed like this gives a patio an upmarket look without a huge expense. These baskets are then easily transferable indoors for the colder months.

Fruit and Veg

Of course baskets don’t have to all be made from wicker. Metal ones are particularly handy for fresh fruit and vegetables that don’t need to be stored in the fridge. Even better: if they’re square or rectangular, you can easily hang them up on the wall and thereby save space on your kitchen worktop. This might just be one for my next home…

Coffee Table

The versatility of baskets is probably one of the main reasons why I like using them all over my home and in every room. A shallow basket tray will look great on a coffee table and keep all those little ornaments together to make a great looking display. There’s no room or surface where a basket won’t come in handy, don’t you think?

Carole x