With the shortened days and longer nights of the season, sunshine is always in short supply at this time of year. And while that darkness allows us to sleep deeper, it does make it a little more difficult to get the day started and wake ourselves up if our bedrooms aren’t making the most of whatever natural light we may have.

Of course, there are always things you can do to ensure your bedroom retains that light throughout the day but what paint colours work best to brighten a darker bedroom? Our post today shares some ideas of the colours you may just want to try.

Why White is Not Always Right

Bed and white furniture in neutral bedroom

While we may think that a fresh coat of brilliant white on all the walls will make a room look brighter, that isn’t always the case. In fact, with the absence of much natural light, whites will appear more grey or grubby, making the room look dull – the exact opposite of what you’d expect.

Instead, you want to think about the quality of light you do receive. North and East-facing rooms will mean a cooler, bluer quality of light while South and West-facing rooms will bring in a warmer golden quality. These all affect the way colours are reflected back to us so your first step will always be to ensure you get a few tester pots to see how the light affects your colour choices.

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The Perfect Grey

Scandinavian style bedroom with conjoining bathroom

While grey may seem an odd choice in a room you want to brighten, softer, warmer shades of grey will actually reflect cooler light in a lovely calming way. Look out for greys with warmer undertones – so those that appear a little redder when placed next to other greys or those which veer more towards mushroom colours.

These greys are easy to live with and create a cosy effect without dimming the light you do receive and will create an inviting bedroom that’s easy to relax in.

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A Touch of Colour

colourful bedroom with terrazzo print wallpaper

Without a lot of natural light, colours will often look less saturated so keep this in mind when making your choices. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy colour in your bedroom, however. 

Consider creating a more neutral base with soft mushroom grey on the walls and bring in light and life with colourful bed throws, cushions, rugs or artwork to draw the eye.

Creative Patterns

White and oak furniture with geometric wallpaper

Pattern always has the ability to wake up a space and make it feel more energised and it can be a great way to add some drama into your bedroom if you love a more eclectic look.

Consider a large-scale pattern on the walls and then contrast these with medium and smaller patterns in your chosen colour palette. 

Bold Brights

bright pink havana style bedroom with grey furniture

While your saturation levels in colour will fall in lower light, you can still enjoy the power of colour in your bedroom. Juicy hues will take on a slightly softer appearance and mellow out a bit, meaning your bedroom can enjoy all the benefits of bold colour without overwhelming the senses.

You may want to try a bold feature wall or painting all the walls in a bright hue. Just remember, once again you’ll want to pick up a few tester pots and try out a few different shades to find out what works best for your particular space. 

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Soft Pale Hues

It’s no secret that colour psychologists will often recommend cooler colours for our bedrooms. Consider soft pale greens or blues which will call to mind nature, bringing the outdoors in.

While the palest shades will wash out in lower light, look out for those veering more towards the mid-tone range. On a paint strip, these may be one or two shades stronger than the lightest colour so that you can enjoy the benefits of a soft colour in a more muted light.