When putting together your dream snooze-space, it can be tempting to dress your bed in coordinating bedding the way you’ve seen it pinned a gazillion times on Pinterest. But here at the Secret Linen Store, we say where’s the fun in that? A bare bed is like a blank picture waiting to be filled in with colour, patterns and texture. It should show-off your singularities, tickle your imagination and make you want to jump out of it in the morning, excited to put your favourite linens on.e

Want to know the secret to a well-dressed bed? Well, just as you wouldn’t wear socks with sandals, there are a few hard and fast (yet easy to remember) tips to make sure your bed always looks its best.   

Coordinating complementary colours

Decadent Bed

Colour is the perfect jumping-off point to start your mix and match journey. Choose your hues from other sources in the room, whether that’s a rug, the curtains, your jewellery box or really, anything at all. This unifying element will be the parent of your bed linen colour family. From there you can either play with shades from the same palette or pick one or two complementary colours (those that fall on opposing sides of the colour wheel) for a contrast pleasing to the eye.  

Don’t forget your mind needs to be happy too, as the colours you surround yourself with have a huge psychological effect on your brain. Darker shades are moodier and more imposing, whereas bright solids are playful, and natural, earthy tones create a tranquil vibe. That’s not to say these different levels can’t be intermingled, a base of white linen is the best way to make your bedding versatile on a whim. You can then change it up using a bevvy of bold colours.

Fresh Start Bed

Pro tip? Opt for four pillows and match two of the cases to the bed sheet and two to the duvet cover. Then, roll down the duvet a tad and prop your perfectly coordinated pillows up for all to see.  

Picking patterns with personality

Sticking to one colour palette and layering patterns by scale is the perfect way to achieve a put-together bedroom without it being boring.

When it comes to picking patterns there are two common types; organic and geometric. Organic patterns, such as our Pinecones, Teasels and Topiary, are typically flowing and curvy, as opposed to geometrics like stripes and herringbone, that are linear and more structured. If you’re looking for a winning way to combine both, we think the dream team is an oversized organic design with a small geometric accent, see our Hazel print linen with our Herringbone throw, pictured above).  

Blue Themed Bedroom

One failsafe method to stop your bed turning from eye-candy to eyesore is to break up varying prints with a solid colour. However, if you’re a through and through pattern-phobe, try transitioning piece-by-piece rather than taking an all-or-nothing approach.

Topping up texture


While looks certainly matter when decorating your interiors, you mustn’t forget about the all-important sense of touch. The more discrepancy there is between surfaces, the more texture in your décor becomes and the more tempting it will be to cancel plans and dive straight back into bed. Layering is the name of the game. Once you have your base layer covered, use contrasting textures to form a well-rounded sensory experience. A rumpled, quilted bedspread adds an air of informality when draped over luxuriously crisp cotton percale covers, while the lived-in charm of linen practically begs for a fluffy knitted throw just for that extra snug-ability.

Whichever way you choose to mix and match it, a beautiful bed begins with beautiful basics. Stock-up on quality cotton, gather a bundle of lovely linen, and then switch and swap throws with a colour-popping medley of cushions. As long as you forget formalities and make your personal preferences paramount, you’ll pull together a space that is uniquely you.