August Home Checklist

August is often a transitional month for us. The summer is winding down, the kids are preparing to go back to school and cooler weather is inevitably on its way. With another month to go until the start of Autumn, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure a smooth transition for your home, squeezing out the very best of what’s left of summer and preparing for the start of the new season ahead.

August Garden Maintenance

blogger Kimberly Durans garden

Source: Kimberly Duran / Swoon Worthy

Now’s the time to finish up any of those outdoor projects you’ve been putting off and getting the garden ready for its winter sleep. Make sure you have waterproof covers for any furniture ready, power wash any patios or decking and keep on top of mowing areas of lawn.

Prune any dead heads from your flowering bushes and cut back your perennials to keep the borders tidy. Keep on top of any weeds too and if you have fruit trees or vegetable beds, consider sharing your harvest with neighbours or make jams and chutneys to preserve for the winter months.

You might also want to de-clutter your shed or garage so that it’s neat and tidy for winter projects and storage requirements. 

Clear Clutter from the Wardrobe

White and oak furniture with geometric wallpaper

Mantis Light Wardrobe / Country Cottage Bed / Oakdale Blanket Box

Speaking of decluttering, consider a wardrobe clear out, taking to charity anything in good order that you haven’t worn all summer. If you haven’t worn it this year, you probably won’t wear it next. For everything else, be sure you have some storage options available so that you can transition your summer wardrobe so there’s space available when you inevitably update your winter wardrobe.

It’s also a great time of year to get any repairs made whether that’s re-sewing the button that fell off your winter coat or having your favourite boots re-heeled, ready for when they will be needed as the weather cools down.

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Create a Weekly Meal Menu

oak dining table in open plan kitchen diner

Crossley Dining Table & Chairs

With the kids back in school, make your weekdays easier by coming up with a rotating menu for the week. Food that can be prepared from fresh ingredients will always be healthier and simple one-pot meals make prep and clean up faster.

Consider adding some meals that can be batch-cooked at the weekend, frozen and enjoyed either as meals-on-the-go later in the week or packed up for healthy lunches.

School Time Set-Up

Industrial Style Office Desk

Brooklyn Desk / Arlette Bookcase

If you have school-aged children, consider creating some areas of the home where they will be able to work on homework either in quiet surroundings or with your assistance depending on their age. A family calendar might also help to keep track of appointments and important events all in one centralised location.

You’ll also want to get organised for busier mornings to come. Add hooks for coats and backpacks in your hallway or consider individual baskets for each family member to make the morning hustle a little less chaotic.

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Deep Clean Tasks for August

a living room with chair and sofa

Cooper Sofa / Cooper Loveseat / Cooper Storage Footstool / Pedestal Dining Table & Chairs / Hercules Bookcase

Finally, while we all think of Spring as the best time for a deep home clean, the end of summer is another perfect time to make sure your home is at its best for the coming season.

Deep clean carpets and rugs, steam floors and ensure windows are sparkling clean to let the last of the summer sunshine in. 

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