8 (More!) Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom for Summer

Last summer, I gave out some tips to refresh your bathroom and I felt it was time to update that list and give you even more ideas to create a relaxing haven, no matter what the size or style you may have in the smallest room in the house. It’s not a space we think a lot about but recently having some work done at the front of our home, I have had workman traipsing in and out of our own bathroom and it got me thinking about how important it is to have it look it’s best for both expected and unexpected visitors into our home!

Clear the clutter


We amass so many toiletries in our bathrooms that keeping that clutter at bay is something that should be done periodically. There’s no point in keeping that expensive moisturiser if you hate the smell or hanging on to a nearly empty bottle of shampoo if you’ve already opened the new bottle (both of which I am guilty of!). Everything has an expiration date and so anything out of date should be disposed of, especially any prescription medication. Once you clear the clutter, you should have enough space to be able to ensure the bathroom hasn’t been taken over by too many products, especially when storage is normally at a premium!

Give it a deep clean


As much as most of us hate this chore, it’s a must. Washing down walls, floors and getting those taps gleaming will make your bathroom look like new again and you’ll just feel better knowing that everything is disinfected on a regular basis. Don’t forget to clean any windows as well to let as much light into the room as possible at this time of year.

Regrout and reseal


Grout gets stained and dirty and it’s tough to get out once it really takes hold. If you have tried all manner of cleaners and it still won’t budge, you might want to consider scraping the grout out and having it professionally redone – or for a brand new look, replace light grout with dark (infinitely easier to keep looking clean!). Resealing a bathtub isn’t actually that difficult and having all new clean grout and a fresh seal may be enough to hold off having to get that full bathroom remodel you’ve been promising yourself for years but just never get around to.

Replace the towels (and bath mat!)


If your towels have been washed to death and are now starting to look a bit faded or pulled, they are probably not doing a great job of what they should be doing best – absorbing water. You should never wash towels with fabric softener but if you have done or if you just want a new look in your bathroom, it may be time to invest in a new set. You really can’t go wrong with pure white towels but you can always consider something with a fun pattern or colour to break up the space and add a little bit of life.

Replace the shower curtain, rail and hooks


Obviously if you have a shower screen then this won’t apply to you (although I should add that it should be gleaming clean!) but if you have a shower curtain, then there are so many gorgeous patterns and styles on the market right now. Why not replace that boring curtain with something a little more fun and get some nice hooks and a new rail? I have a beautiful shower curtain that’s the pride of my bathroom (seen above) and simply line it with another clear plastic liner so that it doesn’t get ruined by multiple showers. And make sure when you have used the shower, that you pull it back so that it dries properly. No one likes a mouldy shower curtain! (Ugh!)

Corral your toiletries


Displaying your pretties bottles in a small tray along with a vase of blooms is a great way to give your bathroom a fresh new look for summer. Whether it tops your cistern or is added to some shelving, creative vignettes add little style ‘moments’ to your home that makes your bathroom both beautiful and unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Replace your holders


There’s nothing more off-putting than a toothpaste-smeared tumbler or a soap dish caked in old soap. Plastic containers look a bit cheap so why not upgrade to a nice ceramic, glass or stone set to compliment your bathroom style? They don’t have to be expensive but it’ll make you feel like you’ve walked into an expensive hotel bathroom whenever you brush your teeth!

Add plants


I know I go on about house plants a lot on this blog (and on my own blog!) but the bathroom is actually one of the best places for a lot of different varieties of plants – with a combination of a moist environment and a bit of natural light, plants thrive in these spaces so consider hanging some from the ceiling for a jungle vibe that will add life without worrying about your black thumb!

So are you ready to give your bathroom a bit of a refresh this summer? Do let me know if you found my tips helpful, I’d love to hear from you.