7 Tricks to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

I admit freely that there are times when I am having a look at an interiors magazine, a blog or Pinterest, and I see the room sizes of people’s homes and think, ‘What must it be LIKE to have so much space to play with?’ Alas, our diminutive island sports some fabulous homes as well but I think the majority of us are rather used to squeezing in what we can into relatively smaller properties. Whether that’s a 2-up-2-down or a flat or a semi, we could always use a little more room. However, it’s certainly not the end of the world to live in a smaller property (think about how much faster it is to clean and how much cheaper it is to heat if you need a reminder!) and there are plenty of little tricks you can do to maximise even the most petite of properties.

So today I want to talk about 7 different ways you can give the illusion of more space in your home that interior designers have been utilising for years. Shall we get started?

Utilise Mirrors

statement mirror

This may seem an obvious place to start but mirrors automatically double the depth of whatever room it may be placed. Not only that, but it will reflect whatever light is available creating a brighter space which also gives the illusion of a larger area.

Make sure your furniture does double duty

daybed sofa

When space is at a premium it makes sense to have furniture that works in multiple ways. The example above is of our very own contributor Carole who’s daybed acts as both a sofa in her living room as well as a bed for guests. Consider pieces like storage ottomans for extra seating or a chest of drawers that also acts as a bedside table.

Utilise “Leggy” furniture

leggy furniture

If you have a small space, the majority of your furniture should be slightly raised up on legs. By being able to see the floor beneath the pieces, there is an illusion of more floor space, visually creating a larger room.

Make sure your curtains go from floor to ceiling

curtains that go from ceiling to floor

Always ensure your curtain are installed just below the ceiling or cornise and go right to the floor. This will create visual height in a room, again giving the illusion of a much grander space.

Have a unified colour scheme

unified colour scheme

Painting adjoining rooms in the same or a very similar colour will keep your home from looking ‘choppy’. Using white or pale colours always gives a room an airy feel and creates a much more unified look throughout. It will also blur the lines of where one room starts and another begins, visually creating a larger space.

Consider clear perspex or acrylic furniture

clear or acrylic furniture

Similar to the concept of leggy furniture, using ‘see through’ furniture is another trick to making a space appear larger than it really is. Acrylic furniture is perfect for smaller spaces because visually, your eyes do not register it as being there at all. So the room appears to be larger and lighter with less furniture – consider using the now classic Louis Ghost Chair in an office space or dining room and acrylic or glass console tables or coffee tables to give the illusion of more space.

Utilise the space you have – including vertical space 

wall shelves

By raising your storage up and off the floor or surfaces to the walls, you immediately create more visual space below. With less clutter obviously taking up precious ‘living’ space, it’s a smart way to create more space where there wasn’t previously. Consider wall storage units as well as floating shelves and consider hanging utensils under cupboards instead of taking up precious counter space in a smaller kitchen.

What things have you tried to create a larger living space? Any tricks you’d like to add? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!