7 Quick Tips to Update your Kitchen

So perhaps you have inherited your kitchen from previous owners, live in a rental property where you can’t make changes or simply don’t have the time or budget to invest in a brand new kitchen. Fear not! My tips today will allow you to create a fun new look for your kitchen without a hefty price tag attached.

There are things you can do in every room of your home to give it a bit of a fresh look and so today I’m going to look at a few ideas for giving your kitchen some extra energy without having to make a huge investment. These are all things that can be done in a few hours or over a single weekend and certainly don’t entail having to call in a builder!

So if you’d like some fresh ideas to breathe new life in your kitchen then read on…

Tip #1: Add a chalkboard wall

chalkboard wall in kitchen

Chalkboard paint has been popular for a little while now and painting a single wall with chalkboard paint can not only look great, but it can also be practical too. Create your week’s menu, easily keep track of your shopping list, create a calendar so the whole family can see what’s happening on any single day – really the world is your oyster. Keep in mind as well that the chalkboard paint doesn’t have to be black! Chalkboard paints come in a range of colours now and like any painting job, can be completed in a single weekend.


Tip #2: Add some hanging plants

hanging plants in kitchen

Oh yes, we’re talking plants again here! A huge trend over the last year, plants add life to any room. In the kitchen, you might want to consider planting up fresh herbs so that cooking from scratch becomes so much more enjoyable. Not only that, but by suspending them from either the ceiling or across cupboards as shown here, they won’t take up precious counter space!


Tip #3: Consider adding something unexpected

vintage mirror in kitchen

Vintage finds are wonderful for adding some personality to a space. This vintage mirror is so unexpected in the kitchen but reflects the light from the opposite window brightening up the space wonderfully. Repurposing vintage items in a new surrounding can be just what’s needed to liven up your own kitchen so be sure to think outside the box to make a fresh new statement in your kitchen.

Tip #4: Add wallpaper or patterned tiles

patterned tiles in the kitchen

Make a bold statement with pattern using either wallpaper or tiles as seen in the image above. If this look is a little too bold for you, consider a single feature wall or just tiling the backsplash in a bright or bold choice to give your kitchen a bit of interest.

Tip #5: Add some art to the walls

art in the kitchen

Who says art should just be confined to living spaces? Why not add a gallery wall to your kitchen as well, adding interest and personality. I love how the rustic island is picked up in vintage oil paintings here but surrounding yourself with art that you love is really more important than making sure something ‘matches’. Artwork doesn’t even have to be expensive – consider DIYing your own or frame some favourites the kids have created to save them from overrunning the refrigerator!

Tip #6: Get organised

kitchen shelving

If you have any open storage or open shelving in your kitchen, then consider decanting your dry ingredients into simple glass clip jars. Not only will you be able to see at a glance when you are running low, but it also creates a natural look that’s stylish too. Display plates, simple clear glasses or your favourite crockery and be sure to throw in a few smaller decorative items to break up the space – artwork, plants and cookbooks also look great.

Tip #7: Add a rug

rug in the kitchen

While your kitchen may not be the first place you may think about adding a rug, consider the pattern, colour and comfort underfoot it can bring to your kitchen. While you may not want to put an expensive antique rug down in an area which will get a lot of footfall, a simple, stylish rug that can be easily cleaned could be just what your kitchen needs to inject some colour and pattern.


So those are my tips for updating your kitchen. I’m sure you can think of some others – so why not share in the comments?

Kimberly x