7 Ideas for Clever Shoe Storage

With the weather getting a bit brisker and the risk of tracking mud and leaves (and possibly snow soon!) into the house, we may see the entrances to our homes strewn with discarded shoes and boots. I thought today we could have a look at some creative storage solutions to organise and keep on top of that messy pile that seems to accumulate as the shifting weather means different shoes and boots depending upon what Mother Nature decides to get up to.

Of course, you can opt for dedicated shoe storage furniture but there are so many other ideas for organising your collection that I thought I’d focus on a few interesting ideas.

For my own shoe storage in my dressing room, I opted for a simple solution – a pair book shelves on either side of my vanity. This is perfect if you want to display your prettiest pairs in a bedroom and with removable shelves, they can be easily adjusted for knee high boots, but this solution could be just as easily duplicated if you have the room for a standing bookshelf in your entrance hallway. I also have some small baskets on the opposite shelf (not shown) that I use for things like flip flops and flat sandles to pack them away easily.


If you opt for a more rustic or industrial look, then repurposing vintage crates into a stackable display makes for a great solution. Utilising wine racks to round up your scarves and gloves keep the space tidy while keeping muddy boots off the floor.


I also found quite a few people using PVC pipe to create an interesting contemporary display for their own entrances. In this particular example, the PVC was wrapped in a birch style wallpaper to mimic fallen trees. It dresses up the pipe to make it not only practical but visually appealing as well.


If you are looking for a place to sit while you remove your mucky boots, why not use a simple bench with rolling boxes beneath? Shoes and accessories can be placed in the rolling boxes and then tuck neatly out of place and out of sight.


If you have don’t have a huge space for free-standing furniture, then why not consider installing sections of chair rail or wood moulding to create an interesting spot for high heels? Paint them in a fun colour to match your interior or keep them the same colour as the walls to let them blend in for an eye-catching vertical display which doesn’t take up very much room, perfect for small spaces.


Of course, if you do have extra storage space like a closet that’s not being used to full advantage (and if so, lucky you!), then converting this space into a shoe closet could be your answer.



My favourite solution, however, is a vintage display cabinet. It just gives such an air of elegance to a space and the shoes become a thing of beauty in their own right.


How do you store your shoes? Any favourites of the ones mentioned here? I’d love to hear from you!