Alternative Christmas Trees

For some, there’s nothing better than a traditional Christmas tree. You love the scent of the pine, the lush green colour, and the evocative nature of the tree and what it represents. But, in recent years, a trend has started to emerge. The trend for creating an alternative tree.

Even if you love the tradition of a real tree, this is still something you could try, particularly if you have space in another room, for a different style of tree. At home, we usually have two trees, one for me and one for the children (which avoids me hyperventilating over how the kids decorate the main tree – I just give them their own), so this is a great way to introduce a different style to your Christmas decorations.

DIY Book Tree:

For the book lovers amongst you, why not create your own unique tree, from your favourite books. You could even consider the colouring when you do this, and create layers of similar coloured books for a greater effect. Wrap with a string of fairy lights and sit a star, or pine cone as done here, at the top.

ChalkBoard Tree:

This kind of tree is so easy to create and so effective. Grab yourself some chalkboard paint and add to the wall where the tree will be situated. You could even do this on some doors or in the children’s playroom/bedroom. Then, once dry, let your creativity loose, and design your very own tree and Christmas scene. Such a delightful, inspiring idea.

Tree in a Vase:

Christmas tree in vase

Source: @alicesflowersdesigns

You can do this with branches from a pine tree, or any twigs/branches that you find. They don’t have to have needles or leaves to be effective. It’s a great budget-friendly alternative to a real tree, and great for smaller spaces too, but a lovely way to embrace the Christmas idea.

A NeedleLess Tree:

Needless Christmas tree

Source: @designmore_spendless

Go a step further than just branches in a vase, and bring a needless tree into the house. Give it a festive look with some of your favourite tree decorations, but keep is simple and stylish. Again, another creative way to give your home an alternative Christmas tree.

Pallet Tree:

Christmas tree

Source: @branchesandblossoms

Taking the wooden tree one step further. If you read regularly, you’ll know about my love for the wooden pallet with relation to home interiors, so of course I had to include a pallet tree. Pallets are easy to get hold of, and inexpensive too, so are great for creating all things home related. Here, they’ve been put to good use as an alternative Christmas tree, with a whitewash paint and some simple decoration.

So, do you think you’ll be adopting any of these alternative Christmas tree ideas this year? Perhaps in a second room, if not as your main tree?

Do let us know if you do by sharing them with us on our social channels using #OakFurniturelandStyle or uploading to our gallery.